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Correcting And Adding Some Numbers

In reporting some numbers yesterday, I was wrong with Ovide LaMontagne's totals in Manchester.  In fact, he did much worse than I had reported (apparently I added his Ward 1 numbers in twice).  As I always say, we all make mistakes; it's getting them corrected that counts. 
In Manchester, Ovide lost by 5781 votes, 25,778-19,997.  That's 56.3-43.7 percent or a 12.6 percent margin or virtually the same as his statewide margin of 13.4 percent.
Mea culpa.
Speaking of getting numbers correct, Manchester City Clerk Matt Normand has revised downward turnout for the city.  It was not  as originally reported (apparently the charter commission ballots were counted in with overall totals in Ward 3, thus overstating the totals by almost 3000 votes).
The Manchester total was 48,919.  (My final prediction was 48,000 after I had thought 50,000 prior to noting a slight downtick in absentee voting in the city).
Matt also tells me that 10,000 people actually registered at the polls and then voted election day; that's an astounding 20 percent, nearly double the usual ten percent of same day registrants.  It'll be interesting to see if we get similar numbers statewide.
Secretary of State Bill Gardner tells me the statewide number should be close to 730,000; his prediction was 722,000; mine was 700,000 even.
Thus, it will be an all time record for New Hampshire even as the total votes cast nationwide appears to be down eight or ten million votes.
That's easily explained actually.  Team Obama and Team Romney basically ignored 38 states, so we will see turnout there down while it'll most likely be up in states like New Hampshire and other battlegrounds, but let's wait a few more days before taking that assertion to the data bank!
I'll be crunching more numbers (too many more probably) next week.  If you discover any errors, please let me know!


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Reader Comments (4)

I like both Maggie and Ovide personally. Kevin Smith as well, and we can expect to see him in the race in 2014. But politically, Maggie was head and shoulders above the opposition when it came to presenting a vision for our state's future.

If the Republicans continue to lust for the "good ole' days" when whites kept minorities from the voting box, when men thought they ran most everything and kept most women in their houses, when gays and lesbians were kept in the closet, and when working women and men worked under poor conditions for peanuts, they will continue to lose.

If Republicans join the 21st Century, embrace diversity, accept science (global warming IS a problem and evolution IS real), and respect the value of investments in education and health care as a way to strengthen America as we face unknown international challenges in this Century and beyond, then they'll be a competitive force.

We're all in this together, and if political leaders get on the same page -- or if at least the Republicans read from the same book as Democrats -- we're all likely to do much better. Election Day 2012 gave me much more confidence about the great possibilities of the future of America, and New Hampshire.
November 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJim Splaine
Hey Jim –
Could you 'splaine how much Mommy Earth's Tº will elevate since the camfire girls first took match to forest, you know, all scientifically 'n stuff? And with respect to embracing diversity and endorsing choice, does this mean you half-heartedly support parents having the ability to send lil' Jimmy and darlin' Suzy Q to the schools of their choice, rather than the Soviet choice of The One? Unless, of course your a Magpie sitting up upon the Grate State's gilded dome crowing about how all the stiffs get their choice while she kicks back in her ivory tower perch and pays no real estate taxes for all those she feigns such concern about. Other than that, I got nothin'.

P.S. enjoy your big ol' slab of $16.2T pie. I'll save you an extra piece cuz' I ain't payin' for your boondoggles.
– C. dog all hunkered down and bunkered up deep in the White Mtns of New Hamsters
November 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
C. Dog -- interesting questions. For one thing, Americans have always had the right of school choice. Just not at the taxpayers' dime. You're always free, everywhere, to send your children to the school of your choice. We have public schools where all kids can go, and then private schools if people want to do that. But don't expect the rest of us to have to pay for that out of our property tax dollars.

Of course, some Republicns just have never understood that, just as they've never understood "marriage equality." Marriage equality, under the law I sponsored in 2009, doesn't force any Church to undertake or recognize marriages. All religions have their own rights to do what they want, within the perimeters of the law. All marriage equality does is allow persons to go to their town or city halls and pay $45.00 to get a license to be married to one other person. That's a civil marriage.

If they want to get a religious marriage, they then have to go to their Chuch. That $45.00 per license has already brought in about $100,00 for New Hampshire communities for all the gay marriages in New Hampshire, with more licenses being issued every week! You're welcome. Plus all those weddings and honeymoons helping our economy.

And about Maggie and her housing, she and her family have to live at a house loaned to them -- loaned -- as a condition of employment for her husband at a private school. They have to be on campus for a variety of fuctions and events, some held at their house, counseling students. Lots of companies provide cars, housing, and travel expenses for their employees as conditions of employment. That the Republicans tried to make this an issue is interesting, and shows how they tried to avoid the real issues facing us.

And evolution really happens. And human-made climate change is a challenge we must face. And the stimulus bill was an investment in ourselves. And we can't start wars with everyone we don't like. And all Americans should be able to vote without intimidation. And health care is a right -- I don't think Jesus would want it to go exclusively to those who have money. And Hurricane Sandy wasn't sent by God (despite what Pat Robinson might say) to get Chris Christie and Barack Obama to become Best Pals.
November 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJim Splaine
Thanks, Jimbo. That's rite, the po' folk always free to spend that money twice that they don't have to prop up your castles of drones preachin' to the 'utes. Sounds reel fare to me, kinda like plantation ethics: one skool for the serfs, and a serfeit of schools of higher falutin' for Massa's darlins.

Good thing, too, cuz' then the monotone drones at the chalkboard can convince the minds full of mush behind them how the Grate State needs to make marriage licenses fare and equitably distributed among all State's chilt'ren. After all, how would we know who's in luv and who's not without an official Nanny Stamp on their license to canoodle. We can't have any unlicensed licentious behavior happening under Nanny's roof, now can we? But hey, if it's good for the economy, well then, let's have Nanny license free speech for homosexuals, heterosexuals, and those of us who like to mix it up a little? Add in guns, potatoe chips, and Big Gulps, and I think you're really on to sumfin'.

So keep crowing about how Magpie is such a stalwart, upstandin' figurehead of the Grate State of New Hamsters, while those of us in the know recognize a hippocrit when we see when ambulating under the gilded dome, blotting at her globally warmed female condition.
– C. dog lobs another one in from the cheapskate seats
November 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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