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Four End Of Year Traditions Will Continue

I no longer have my TV show (it's a long story--basically it became more of a drag than a pleasure to do), and out of respect for the fired House receptionist, there will be no Christmas fudge this year.

However, other holiday traditions will continue, and I'll be carrying them on in this blog.  Since I hope to spend much of the Christmas week with my brother and his family, I hope to get all four end of the year items posted here this week.

As a Christmas gift offering, I usually come up with list of my favorite books for the past year.  Since I spent much of the spring reading old baseball books and much of the summer reading Gore Vidal's American history series (fictionalized) and am currently in a John Irving phase, I haven't read as much new stuff as I would have liked, but I hope to get some type of list together (mostly biographies).

Then we have the end of the year list, everything from person of the year, story of the year, winner and loser of the year to funniest moment of the year.  I've come up with my person of the year, but haven't even begun to think of the others.  I'll try to download last year's list, post it here so you can come up with your own choices (loser of the year is fairly obvious...no Bully need apply).  Then I'll offer my own choices later.

By the first of the year, it's time for predictions.  It was 11 for 11 two years ago; 12 for 12 last year; this year, it'll be 13 for 2013.  I've already got this list ready; hopefully I'll have more success than last year when I missed top of the ticket races but did fairly well on other predictions.

Finally, there are those resolutions.  Last year, I didn't quite live up to them (to change the channel every time Dick Morris came on; to never look at kathythes and to leave Reps Hall whenever His Vileness got up to speak).  I weakened on Morris as election approached, but will make the same resolution for 2013--the man is truly a blowhard.  I did avoid kathythes except for one time when I read two paragraphs (without looking in advance) from her on my TV show.  It was more difficult to avoid His Vileness since he gave more parliamentary inquiries (when we had to be in our seats) than speeches.  Certainly that resolution should be on the burner again in 2013.

Hey, someone wrote me complaining about how I should be nicer to people.  I'm my own worst enemy, he wrote.  He told me not to say that I agreed with him, but of course, I told him precisely that.  And I'm not about to change; maybe that's what I should resove for 2013--no changes this year.  I'll think about it.

Actually, I'm very nice to a great many people (God bless you receptionist Betty Lichty).  I probably write more than 500 articles here a year; many of them full of praise.  If there were not a handful of postings to anger most people, I wouldn't be doing my job, as I see it.  If you don't like my cutting remarks from time to time, no one is forcing you to check in here.  

In his book A Widow For One Year, John Irving gives us a fictional character (a publisher; the main character's first husband) whose philosophy is, "Be nice twice."  In other words, ignore mean or stupid people the first two times they annoy you.  I've lived by a similar version of that rule; I call it a three strikes before you're out rule.  I don't place people on the list of people not to trust until they get that third strike against them.  In most cases, I allow many more strikes than three before I take people to task here or anywhere.

Two years ago, I revolved to make amends with certain people I had come to not like very much.  It worked completely with two of them who actually became friends.  This year, I'm tempted to simply to ignore people who anger me, not to even acknowledge their existence (like the Manchester redistricting snakes).

As the subject of my favorite book of the year would say, "That's the way it is."

Also, without the TV show (it got to the point I couldn't go grocery shopping without people coming up to me; and believe it or not, I'm a very private person), maybe I'll get to spend more time here.

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