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Skip This If Poor Taste Jokes Offend You



Warning, Will Robinson, Warning, Warning!

If you're not interested in a poor taste joke, forego this posting.


Aha, for those still with me...

Someone apparently was thrilled by my posting of PeeWee Herman recently...no I don't mean thrilled in that way, but the shot (make that the photo) of PeeWee brought to mind a joke.

As usual, this isn't my joke (any more than the reason for Barney Frank leaving the House because he wanted to spend more time you know where....that wasn't my joke either).

But here goes.

Riddle me this.

Name two Americans shot in a theater.

The anwer of course is Abraham Lincoln and the person sitting in front of PeeWee Herman.

An old joke to be sure, but I hadn't heard it.

Oh yes, the answer to the other question, of course is, in Dennis.

Poor taste only twice a year; that's not so bad.

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