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Union Leader Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Hmmm...{picture me scratching my head in wonderment}.

Correct me if I'm wrong; I haven't been reading as many press clips as I was prior to the election, but...

Is it the same Union Leader, a newspaper which purports to serve the people of our dear state (but never ran any profiles of State Rep candidates like the Monitor and Valley News did to their credit), which today wrote (in an editorial entitled "Tax incentives...Keep saying no")something I totally agree with...

"Tailoring tax breaks and state services to achieve specific policy goals corrupts the system and is less effective than offering everyone same low rate."

Is that the same paper which only a few days ago was praising (and warning Democrats not to repeal) the special tax break for businesses which wish to shred our Constitution by providing scholarships for religious schools.

Yes, I believe it was the same Union Leader.

Here's the line from the weekend editorial "New Priorities--What Will Concord's be?"

"The education scholarship law allows businesses to take a tax deduction for contributing to funds that make scholarships available to lower income children."

Anyone who took seriously reading that bill would know that children would not need to be all that low income to get the scholarships, but the main point is that businesses would get tax breaks just like the same paper criticizes a day or two later.

I've heard of about face, but this about face is fast enough to make one's head spin!

You can't have it both ways Drew (as in Cline) and W (as in Mr. McQuaid), either you support "incentives" for businesses...or you don't.

You can't pick and choose which incentives you like and which you don't.

That's one reason (one of many) that I was one of the few Republicans to oppose the tax incentives for scholarships to religious schools last year (I was going to file the bill to repeal it but Peter Sullivan, D-Manchester) beat me to it.

A newspaper which tries to argue out of both sides of its mouth loses credibility just as surely as does a paper which refuses to profile candidates running for office and then blames the candidates for not telling people all about them.

Shame on the folks at William Loeb Drive.  Not for the first time, the late great William Loeb must be rolling in his grave thinking about the legacy he's left our state.

Put me down as one who doesn't favor tax breaks for any businesses because I firmly believe that tax policy should not be used to set social policy, a solid conservative principle as stated in the second Union Leader editorial in total contradiction to its first one.

To quote one more line (this one I agree with), "Wisely, New Hampshire elected officials have preferred the better policy of keeping everyone's taxes low."

Let's repeal the scholarship giveaway and let's avoid more special giveaways to businesses.

As always, W, you don't have to thank me for setting you straight.  But alas, W. will never know.  He's the only media persoanlity who goes out of his way to block this blog.  Ah yes, not only does his hypocrisy know no bounds; his quest for ignorance knows no bounds either.

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Reader Comments (3)

Rep. Vallaincourt asserts that the scholarship tax credit program "shreds the Constitution". However, he is not the final arbiter of what the Constitution means and, indeed, his opinion is far outside the mainstream.

The U.S. Supreme Court and every state supreme court to address the matter -- including in states with very similar constitutional provisions to New Hampshire -- have found that scholarship tax credit programs pass constitutional muster. Moreover, at the time of the Founders, it was quite common for the government to directly support private schools, including religious schools, with tax dollars. There is an even stronger argument for constitutionality when the tax dollars are channeled to parents, as in a voucher program, and an *even stronger* argument when the money is entirely private, through the use of a charitable donation tax credit, as is the case here.

While I share Vallaincourt's concern about tax credits in general, it is important to make a distinction between tax credits that distort economic activity (e.g. -- research and development tax credits) and social welfare tax credits. The latter are intended to reduce reliance on government services through the provision of tax credits that reduce tax revenue by *less than* the amount that the government would otherwise spend to provide the same service. Social welfare tax credits shift the provision of some government services to the private sector, thereby increasing choice and competition and reducing the expense to the public. Social welfare tax credits are *not*, as Vallaincourt asserts, intended as "incentives" to businesses.
December 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJason Bedrick
I repeat--we should not be using the tax code to establish social policy. As to whether or not the courts would agree with me, I've never claimed to be a lawyer, but I know how to read the constitution which makes it clear (in not just one, but in two sections) that no taxpayer money shall ever go to religious institutions. It doesn't say you can launder the money before giving it to a church school. The point may well be moot...since before the court can strike this bill down, I expect the new legislature will...Gott Sei Dank.

Always nice to hear from Jason...sorry he's no longer with us...in the Legislature that is. I liked him.
December 6, 2012 | Registered CommenterRep Steve Vaillancourt
Here's a novel concept, allow parents to keep their money that would otherwise be confiscated by the Town/State for "education" and allow them to use their money to send THEIR child to the school of THEIR choice. Sounds rather ... liberating.
– C. dog skirting the Left flank
December 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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