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Removing The Spin From Bradley's Right To Work Comments

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley's curious comments notwithstanding, right to work legislation appears to be dead in New Hampshire not only for this year but for for the foreseeable future as well.

The Senate, which had passed similar legislation last year and which appeared poised to override the governor's veto until the veto was sustained in the House, pulled a not-so-strange stunt yesterday.  It tabled the House-passed bill this time around.

The only strange thing was Bradley's comment played up in both electronic and print media.  He noted that this isn't the time for right to work legislation but that it will be back (with more success I inferred into his remarks) next year.

Oh really, Senator?

Republicans held a 298-102 advantage in the House and a 19-5 edge in the Senate following the last election, and they still couldn't get right to work passed into law, and yet the senator thinks right to work proponents will have a better chance next year.  What planet is he living on?

I think not, but then I'm more wedded to truth in analysis rather than to spinning.  Don't get me wrong; I voted for the legislation last year and only voted against it this year because like senators, I knew it would be vetoed again and the would be sustained.  In other words, it's a waste of our time to try again now.

However, to imply that it'll have more chances of success next year is...well...I'll repeat the most appropriate word--CURIOUS.

Even should a Republican occupy the corner office next year (no, sure thing as the party seems intent on nominating a red meat conservative), the make-up of the Senate and House will most certainly change to such a degree that right to work legislation will never make it to the governor's desk next year.

My current prediction is that Republicans hold on to a 13-11 advantage in the Senate, but at least one of the most likely Republican senators (David Boutin) is firmly against right to work.  It's hard to see how you get to 13 votes in the up and coming Senate.

It'll be even worse for right to workers in the House.  I am convinced that Democrats are going to pick up in the vicinity of 100 seats for something approaching a 200-200 split (it could be even worse for Republicans).  Even if I'm wrong and Republicans end up with a lead of 230-170 in the House, anti-right to work Republicans will certainly number 40 or so, more than enough to stop any right to work legislation.  As we learned this year, a sizable group of Republicans remain pro labor, at least on this issue.  Don’t expect that to change.

Call Senator Bradley's comments face saving if you wish.  I repeat; I'm committed on this blog more to truth telling than face saving or spinning or wishful thinking.

The truth is that labor this year has withstood the greatest assault that it is likely to face in the next decade; probably even in my lifetime (I'm 60 years old).

Curious comments, Jeb, real curious, but then you're one of 24 and I'm merely one of 400.

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Reader Comments (2)

From The NH Senate Right Work Hearing Transcript.
“Let me just be frank. The big, the elephant in the room here and I know it’s been said is the politics of it… This group gives to this party; it doesn’t give to this party. Well part of my job essentially is to ensure that at least the teamsters look at the individual, not necessarily the party per se… and see if they agree with their views…Senator, I would be more than happy to go back to my boss if you guys want to vote to kill this bill. I’d be more than happy to talk to my boss about helping you out and if you guys want to help the teamsters, I’m sure my boss would be more than happy to sit down with you.”
Rip Holden, rep Teamster Local 633
April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSisterToldYa
Thanks, Sista'. Puts it all in context, don't it?
– C. dog
April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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