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Dump O'Brien Movement Begins

Just today, I have received four emails, all from voters in my own ward by the way, in opposition to House Speaker Bill O'Brien (text below).  Since the messages are all the same, it's only logical to assume an organized effort is underway.

I have responded to each of them and will respond to all others, "Thank you for your message.  I have no intention of supporting Bill O'Brien for Speaker, but you should be aware that the next Speaker will not be chosen until Decmeber, and the choice will be up to the Legislature elected in November."

Hopefully, I've picked up four votes, in the event I decide to seek re-election (put me down as firmly undecided at this time)!

I assume other Reps are getting similar messages from their own voters (I recognize some of the names as those in the vanguard agaisnt repeal of gay marriage).  It appears clear that support or opposition to O'Brien will be a campaign issue, no surprise.  That's not good news for Republicans since O'Brien's positive/negative, according the the UNH poll last week, is negative twelve.  The Nashua Telegraph, which weighed in with an editorial on the poll results, is running a series on O'Brien this week (fair and balanced, of course). 

Here's the message I've received from constituents:

"I urge you to oppose Bill O'Brien's bid for reelection as Speaker of the House.

New Hampshire working families need leaders in Concord who will keep our state strong, not pursue divisive Tea Party proposals. Another two years of Speaker O'Brien's leadership means two more years of unnecessary attacks on workers and cuts to education and healthcare for children and seniors.

This isn't the leadership we need in Concord. Speaker O'Brien doesn't speak for me - don't let him speak for you."

Update--I'm also getting responses from my response.  No name please, but here's one, indicative of the sort of passions the gavel wielder is arousing.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Here it is (sic):

"I couldnt agree more steve!we appreciate your hard work and dedication representing our state.its time to get hitler out and someone with real new hampshire values in.the personal gains by ones political pressure should not be in existance in todays society.its time we show o brien the door!"

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