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Redistricting Law Suits--Five And Counting

Last time we checked, the number of redistricting law suits stood at three.

As everybody prepares to head to court Thursday morning at 9 a.m. (Hillsborough Superior--near the police station), we're up to five and counting.

Last week, Manchester, Concord, and Democrats had filed suits.

This week, Republicans (led by Lee Quandt and Tony Soltani but also including me) have filed along with the folks from Gilford/Meredith.

Just to review, Gilford deserves slightly more than two Reps, Meredith slightly less than two Reps.  The House-passed plan denies each town their own Reps and lumps them together, contrary to the Constitutional Amendment passed in 2006, for four of their own.  Thus, either town could end up with ZERO Reps.  The Parison compromise would have allowed each town to have one Rep with two to be floated, similar to the fix that was offered for Hudson and Litchfield in the Seth Cohn Amendment which was passed by the House (until Speaker O'Brien went berserk and bullied Republicans into reconsidering it).

O'Brien, not content to intimidate House members, is now insisting that he be allowed to argue the case in court.  Interestingly, the New Hampshire Senate has filed a motion to NOT allow that.  It would be ironic indeed if the court shuts O'Brien down the way he on the House floor shuts off those Reps he doesn't agree with.

But you know me.  I believe in free speech, so I say let O'Brien plead his case.  Maybe he can explain how House Republicans (including Paul Mirski) ten years ago passed two plans, one with a 22.44 percent deviation, the other with 16.85 percent deviation, but now the Mirskiites are insisting on a ten percent standard which makes it impossible to follow the state Constitution.  I just happen to have copies of those plans…just in case the court is interested!

You just can't make this stuff up.

I'm no lawyer, but I do recall some legal admonition about a man who serves as his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

Hmmm...O'Brien serving as his own lawyer...hmmm....what kind of client does that make him?

As I say on my TV show this week...The Liberty Express...check it out on vimeo.com/channels/libertyx...those four most welcome words in the English language come to mind...





Let the fun begin, but lest we forget...

Tragically this all could have been prevented, but for the HUBRIS of one man…hmmm. Who would that be?

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