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Media Watch--Googling For Kafuffles

            It’s been a while since Media Watch has appeared, so it’s time for a potpourri, if not a kafuffle, this week.  (Thanks spell check, I wanted to go with KERfuffle).

Googling The Telegraph--Having missed the redistricting hearing in Superior Court this morning, I thought I’d play a little game—Google for News. 

            Kevin Landrigan and the Nashua Telegraph is the winner.  Out of the media sites I googled (Union Leader, Monitor, WMUR, Telegraph), I found the story on this morning’s hearing only in the Telegraph.  It might be my error; I’m still a novice at this Googling business, but I deem it fair to suggest that the Telegraphy wins today’s news cycle, at least for those interested in this court action.  And it was on the regular site, not that pay for news service which I refuse to use.  Good job.

            The story was just about what I expected; Superior Court is trying to hurry this matter along to the Supremes and wants all parties to agree to facts and come back next Wednesday.  Speaker O’Brien’s $50,000 lawyer (that was prior to this action—that’s how much taxpayers have already paid on this kafuffle) seemed to be the only one who didn’t want to speed things along.  Could it be shades of Dean Smith and the Old North Carolina four corner offense—run out the clock?

            Kevin didn’t say that in his story—no good reporter would—but there’s enough there to read between the lines.

            The Telegraph’s series on Speaker Bill O’Brien this week, on the other hand, is virtually unreadable (sorry Kevin, sorry Jake Berry).  Who cares what has beens like Peter Ho! Ho! Ho! Burling, Bob Pay For My Suction Reduction Clegg, and the Wendelbonian think?  Make it stop!

We Miss Howie—WRKO’s homophobic Howie Carr is apparently out sick this week and I for one miss his outrages.  He’s been replaced by two of the dullest talksmen ever, former pol Avi Nelson (whom I tend to agree with but find extremely dull; he sounds like he’s asleep); and Colonel David “Call Me Dave” Hunt.  Ugh!

The Indian For Senate—Avi Nelson seems intent on following Fox News into the Elizabeth Warren as 1/32nd Cherokee kafuffle (how many times can I use that word in this article?) today.  She’s the left wing loonie running against Scott Brown for Massachusetts Senate, but rather than point out her insane views, right wing media seems fascinated these days by noting how she made up an Indian minority heritage when she was at Harvard. 

This is news?  It’s certainly titillating in the Howie Carr tradition, and we should expect the full barrage from the likes of Letterman, Leno, and Conan (sadly I don’t get that station, I truly miss Conan).  However, I suspect voters aren’t all that interested in the Cherokee blood story any more than they were with Connecticut Senate candidate Bloomberg lying about serving in Vietnam, any more than most Americans are about Obama’s birth certificate.

Right wingers need to concentrate on the truly scary economic policies of people like Warren and Obama and lay off the silly stuff although I have to admit, I get a good laugh out of the Cherokee woman trying to defend her past lies.

Go Scott Brown, go!

A Leggy Approach—Speaking of Fox News, you can get more legs than ever before.  If you happen to be up at 5 a.m., Fox has a new show with two lovely lovelies sitting on stools so their legs are on full display as much as possible.  It’s apparently not enough that Gretchen at 6 a.m. sits on the couch with a low cut top and those glaring legs—she sits between two fully clothed men.

The fact that Fox goes out of its way to flaunt skin should be newsworthy.  Rather than pose Bob Beckel on the end for the Five, they place the leggy woman there (who would want to see Beckel’s legs).  Even on that overnight show, Red Eye, they manage to place the leggiest guest so as to get the best camera angles.

Enough already, Roger Ailes, we know you care more about ratings than being fair and balanced, but enough exploitation of female reporters!

IB Madness!—She saved the quote for the final paragraph of a very long story, but Monitor reporter Molly A.K. Connors made me fully appreciate Bedford Senator Ray White this week in the story about HB1403, the House’s inane attempt to limit spread of  International Baccalaureate (IB) in the state.

You gotta love Senator White for hitting the nail precisely on the Libertarian head.  “If you’re an unapologetic, libertarian-minded small government conservative like me, there is absolutely no excuse for supporting curriculum decision at the state level.”

That’s exactly what I was thinking when I voted against this insanity in the House.  Good job Senator White; we’ll miss you.

For more on the pro side of IB education, the Union Leader ran an excellent op-ed piece Monday by Jeffrey Beard.  Ah yes, the always fair and balanced Union Leader!

Update--The Union Leader today actually weighed in with an editorial in opposition to this silly bill--there's hope for us yet! 

Venomous Burns—For out and out venomous meanness, nobody beats Sunday Monitor columnist  Katy Burns (although some would say I surpass her here).  This week, she must have been channeling her inner Howie Carr when she set out to attack Litchfield Republican Rep and State Senate wannabe George Lambert.  I actually agreed with much she had to say about Lambert’s tabling Senate bills, but she said it in such a mean-spirited way that…well, even I could not top her.  You win, Katy, you win!

Redistricting Insight—Grant Bosse’s op-ed piece (Monitor and perhaps other papers) on redistricting law suits seemed well thought out.  I’ve said all along that the Manchester suit has less chance than the others.  That’s why Manchester Reps needed to stand together to stop this before it got to court—alas the seven serpents (we are still using the graphic on my Channel 23 show—it’s become quite the hit!) did not—Will Infantine, Mike Ball, Leo Pepino, Connie Soucy, Ross Terrio, Kathy Cusson-Cail and Carlos Gonzalez.  In the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department, after stabbing his city in the back, Pepino actually signed on to the law suit opposing the plan.

Time to hang it up, Leo!

Sausage In Keene—Keene Democratic Rep. Cytnhia Chase offered one of the best looks at last week’s House kafuffle.  Check out her op-ed piece “How sausage is made in the NH House—In Concord snow plowing is related to unions, and abortion is related to business research” in the Sentinel from last weekend.

By the way, I’ve agree to hit the Keene airwaves Friday morning as the guest of Dan Mitchell on WKBK, 1290 am and 104.1 am, in the 9 a.m. hour.  I’m not sure why, but then…why not?

All The Best, Norma—Our favorite reporter, Norma Love of AP, will be out for several weeks while on the mend.  We wish her well.  If you’re into prayer (hey, I just finished reading Penn Jillette’s book, what can I say?), say a prayer for her.

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I prefer the optional, and more historically accurate spelling: curfuffle. Unfortunately, I don't see such over primary issues like school choice, eliminating agencies and the coerced dollars attendant thereto, further deregulating PSNH, eliminating Eminently Insane, etc., etc., etc.
– C. dog, The Rabid Rabble-rouser
May 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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