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A Tale Of Two Bumper Stickers

Did you ever get behind not just one but two cars with a plethora of bumper stickers?

That happened to me today, and while I trust the two drivers would not agree with each other on many issues, I happened to agree with at least one sentiment from each.

The first car featured a bumper sticker, "Somebody Else For President".

I agree, and I offer 16.4 trillion (or is it 16.5 trillion now) reasons why.  Barack Obama is leading us down to road to fiscal ruin.  I'm so old it won't hurt me, but it's going to be the ruin of our children's children.  That should be unacceptable to each and every sentient being.

However, the second bumper sticker is cleverer (more clever?) and I agree with it even more.  "I Already Oppose The Next War" it read.


Although I did not vote for Barack Obama (20 trillion reasons by 2016 I fear), I basically support his foreign policy, and yes, I believe he has the right to have all four of his nominees this week approved.  Elections have consequences, and one consequence is that a chief executive gets to choose his people.

I especially like the choice of Chuck Hagel for Defense, the bleatings of the ubiquitous troika of McCain-Graham-and sadly--our own Ayotte notwithstanding.  Enough already of that troika!

Sure Hagel had one unfortunate anti-gay comment in the past, but I trust he's evolved, and as far as his so-called anti-Israel comment, hey I tend to be pro-Israel, but to point out that there's a powerful Israeli lobby in this country...well, that's simply stating a fact.  Hopefully Obama and Hagel will be able to pare down defense spending as we decide to stop being the world's policeman.

I'm not a fan of Obama, but I'm even less a fan of endless American intervention in foreign conflicts.

Thus, while the two drivers would not agree with each other, I say Amen to both stickers.

Long live Dr. Paul (who is featured on one of two bumper stickers on my car--any guess what the other is--the man who would not be governor of course).

No, of course not Ovide.  Ted with a G!

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Reader Comments (1)

As I recall, The Good Dr. Paul had a game tactic solution to the Fed deficit spending: Repubs trading away World Cop dollars in exchange for Dumbo's trading away ludicrous non-constitutional domestic expenditures. Of course this won't happen because it makes too much sense, but at least someone in D.C. was recently promoting a logical, reasonable idea before the U.S.S. Titanic sinks in the South China Sea. By the way, unless you're only buying ripe bananas, I suspect the impending fiscal ruination will impinge upon your retirement nest egg.
– C. dog seeking safer harbors for his nest eggs
January 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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