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In The Predicting Game, Football Ain't Politics

In the prediction game, misery loves company.

After expressing fear last week that the Patriots would lose to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl, I took interest--ah yes, schadenfreude--in the football picks of the superb political numbers cruncher Nate Silver of the fivethirtyeight.com blog.  He picked the results of all 50 states correctly in the November election after missing just one state in 2008!

Silver not only picked the Denver Broncos to beat the Baltimore Ravens over the weekend (so did I), but he also picked the Seattle Seahawks to wind up against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

By the half, I was really ready to rub it in.  20-0 Atlanta and Pete Carroll (hey, didn't he used to miscoach the Patriots?) seemed totally at sea.  I would have gone for a field goal on that fourth down play when the Seahawks trailed 20-0, and just to show you this isn't a case of Monday morning quarterbacking, I kept shouting to the TV, "Whatever happened to clock management?" when Seattle was marching down the field with time running out in the half.

Needless to say, the genius Carroll didn't have a clue about clock management, and what could have been a 20-6 halftime deficit wound up 20-0 as the announcers couldn't stop talking about coast to coast travel being such a disadvantage.


Lo and behold, back came the Seahawks, and but for some more poor clock management by that former Patriots coach, Seattle would have proven Silver correct.

Note to Nate the Numbers Guru:

When it comes to predictions, sports (especially football), ain't as easy as politics.

The humble pie I ate was delicious because as much as I feared the Packers (and was so surprised at how poor their defense was in San Francisco), I was happy they lost.

Certainly Baltimore will be easier for the Patriots to get past than Denver, and either Atlanta or Frisco will, in my even humble opinion, be easier than the Packers would have been.

As for Seattle, they never worried me.  In a sense, I wish they would have won. 

Having given up polls and political blogs since the election, I only heard about the Silver prediction from the Main Stream Media (can you believe that), but today I google Seattle on his site, and the only thing I got was how a few years back, he called Seattle one of the worst teams ever to make the playoffs.

Any Pete Carroll-coached team is one of the worst to make the playoffs.

Hey, didn't he used to miscoach in New England.

Twas a great weekend for football...if not for political pundits turned pigskin prognosticators...and an even better weekend for a real coach named Belichick.

I'll go with San Francisco and the Pats this weekend, and Brady pulling even with Bradshaw with four Super Bowl rings come February.  Thanks Ravens.




The creation of "Kaepernicking." San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick flexes in the end zone during his team's playoff win over the Green Bay Packers. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images.


The creation of "Kaepernicking." San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick flexes in the end zone during his team's playoff win over the Green Bay Packers. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images.

Yes indeed, You The Stud Colin!  At last, we get to read a few of those ugly tattoos....not that there's anything wrong with that.  Every human being has the inalienable right to mar his body any way he sees fit.  That brings up this trivia question--which John Irving Novel features a character with ever inch of his body tattooed with words to hymns?

Hey sports fans, wanna bet that Alex Smith winds up with the team that we all love to hate, the New York Jets?

Until I Find You.  Irving's tattooed man has a bit of a problem--he strips off all his clothes and plays great organ music at great European cathedrals...not that there's anything wrong with that.  Is there?  He's no Colin Kapernick of course.



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Reader Comments (1)

This is a toss-up the next two games. Depends mostly on whether the q.b.'s are in the zone that particular day or not. So far, Kaepernick is the only one not to have a bad playoff game. Maybe the tattoos are his edge, or perhaps some PED. Who knows, but we all pretend sports are clean ... kinda like politicks, but without the guns to backup attendance.
– C. dog
January 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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