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Tracking Down A Katsy (And A Leo) Rumor

Just when you think you've got enough sources to run with a juicy rumor, along comes contravening evidence.

I was ready to go with the headline, "Third Democratic Rep bites the dust."

You may recall that before the legislative session even began, two Democrats were forced to resign their seats, one for moving, and another for allegedly not having paid her debt to society (special elections have already been set for replacements).

Last week, I heard a rumor that one of Manchester's No Show Rep brothers, George Katsiantonis from Ward 10, was leaving the district and would have to resign. 

It was especially juicy since it could have set in motion a primary involving five former Republican Reps.  Remember that until redistricting, the West Side was one big unit, and no fewer than five Republicans lost in November, one for Senate and four for Rep.

I waited three days and doubled sourced the rumor which I had heard from a Republican.  Oh yes, he's moving to Los Angeles, a West Side Democrat told me; at least, there's a 50-50 chance of that.

Hmmm...50-50 chance?  That's wouldn't be enough to run with were I with the lame stream (excuse me...main stream...we become so accustomed to past slurs) media, but this is after all, only a blog.

Just as I was about to knock out the story, another Democrat told me that that's an old rumor.  He was headed for L.A. but decided against it.

Too bad.  The replacement race could have been a classic.  My dear friend Irene Messier insists she is not interested, and that's another reason I had to run with this.  Everybody asks me how Irene is doing.  Remember, I served as her chauffer for two years.  She was born on the same day as my brother, in the same year as my mother.  She is like a mother to me and is beloved by all who remember her here in Concord.

"You've got to run, Irene," I told here, "Think of my (meaning her) parking space.   It's awful cold for that walk from Storrs Garage."  I was given a space in the legislative office building garage while I drove Irene, but that's gone.  On second thought, I should have told her, don't bother.  By the time you win the special election, spring will have sprung.

Then I thought about what a grand race this could be because most of the West Side Republicans from last term were from ward 5.  Phil Greazzo ran for Senate and lost big to Lou D'Allesandro.  He's an Alderman and could come back.  By the way, while I don't deal much in Manchester politics, I've heard that the beloved former City Clerk Leo Bernier has moved back to the city, is living in Ward 10, and plans to run for Alderman.

I'm not going to ruin another rumor by checking it out!

So there were Messier and Greazzo but also Tammy Simmons, religious shall I avoid saying...oh why bother to avoid it...zealot (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Jerry Bergevin and Matt Swank.

Move, George, move.  Not that we'll really know if he goes or not.  Keep in mind, he's the Rep who sported less than a 20 percent attendance when he was re-elected in 2008 then showed up even less than that for two years only to lose in 2010 and win again in 2012.

You just can't make this stuff up.  His brother Tom has a slightly better attendance in Ward 8 (my ward), but managed to get re-elected.  In fact, he's the only person to get more than I did in the ward since 2010.  Not that I hold anything against stupid voters who like No Show Reps.

But I would love to see No Show George make the move.  Of course, I'd love to see Irene back as would many, many others (and not just for the parking space).

For all those who've asked, I visit Irene once a week.  Two weeks ago, I decided not to since seeing me, I though, might make her sad about having lost the election.  When I explained that to her daughter-in-law who works at City Hall, she assured me that was just plain silly...so it's back to Newgate Circle once a week for me.  If I had to remember all the people who send their regards to her, it would be a very long visit indeed.

All together now...let's make it a mantra...Move, George, Move!

Move, George, Move

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