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Don't Miss The Idiot In India

An Idiot Abroad is so exceptionally interesting that I thought I should plug it once again.

It's in season three; Karl Pilkington has been joined by a little person (is that the politically correct phrase) as Ricky Gervais sends him around the world again.

Episode two of season three  first airs Saturday night at 9 p.m. on the Science Channel (193 on my Dish; check your cable listings), but like most cable offerings, it reairs time and time again.  And it's also viewable on line, of course.

Last Saturday, I spent much of the day watching reruns from season two.  Things move so quickly in this series that it's worth watching more than once.  For example, I never really appreciated the trip to Alaska last year, but I found it much more amusing the second time around. 

As part of his bucket list choice of whale watching, Karl is sent to Alaska, but of course, it's not just any whale watching excursion.  He only gets to see the whales by being assigned to a fishing boat and is forced to chop fish before the whales appear.  Even more amusing is his sled dog ride and his duty on the honey bucket brigade.  For those not into Alaska terminology, a honey bucket is the bag of remains from out houses which have to be emptied rather frequently.  Karl was most amusing as he slopped the honey buckets. 

He also made it to the top of the world, Point Barrow, and seemed less amused than the elderly woman who took him there, via snowmobile of course.  "Why is this show in HD?" he asked, "We don't even need color."  It was more than a white than a black and white world.

The little person (his name is Warwick Davis; he appeared as an Ewok in Star Wars movies, a fact Karl doesn't let him forget) serves as a great foil to Idiot Karl.  Are they destined to become the Abbott and Costello of our generation?  Laurel and Hardy maybe?

Last week, they were in Venice at a masked ball.  Great fun.

They're enroute to India and China following the path of Marco Polo.

The Idiot may not be for everyone's taste, but I love it more and more.

What was that old commercial line?

Try it; you'll like it.


Warwick Davis joins Karl Pilkington for An Idiot Abroad 


Short-Way-Round-1Warwick Davis is joining Karl Pilkington for An Idiot Abroad 3An Idiot Abroad is coming back - and this time Karl has a friend joining him, as Warwick Davis joins him on another epic journey.

After sending Karl Pilkington to see the Seven Wonders, and then on a journey of a lifetime to experience the ultimate ‘Things To Do Before You Die’, Ricky Gervais has now persuaded Karl to embark on an epic journey following the footsteps of famous explorer Marco Polo from Italy to China.   

But this time, to help Karl with the loneliness of being away from home, Ricky’s arranged for his mate, Warwick Davis, to keep him company. 

Ricky Gervais said: “Karl once said to me that opposites attract. Warwick Davis is sociable, hardworking and never complains. They should get along fine.”

Karl Pilkington added: “I don't know how it will work out. Honestly. Edmund Hillary had that Tenzing fella, Ben Fogle had James Cracknell. I've been given an Ewok.”

Warwick Davis said: "I'll be following in the footsteps of Marco Polo who, on his deathbed, said: 'I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed.' That’s pretty much what I thought after I first met Karl."

Over the course of a 5000 mile journey from Venice to Eastern Europe, India and China, An Idiot Abroad: The Short Way Round will follow Karl and Warwick as they get stuck into different cultures and traditions, illuminated by Karl’s trademark observations about the world and Warwick’s varying experiences as a little person in different countries.

Celia Taylor commented: “An Idiot Abroad has been a huge success for Sky 1 HD and we are thrilled that Karl is back on the channel for The Short Way Round, which with the addition of the brilliant Warwick Davis, looks set to be the most entertaining yet.”

The second series of An Idiot Abroad was recently nominated for a BAFTA® Television Award, adding to previous nods from the British Comedy, National Television, Royal Television Society, Broadcast and Broadcasting Press Guild awards.

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