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This Week's Triva--Carol's In Love; Manti's Not Gay

       As much as I'd like to continue with historical trivia (especially after seeing Lincoln yesterday, my first trip to a cinema in five or six years), let's pause for a moment or two of pop culture this week.

Leaving the supermarket Friday, I saw the New York Daily News headline blaring out that Manti, the Notre Dame football player with the imaginary girlfriend, claims (or insists...choose your verb) he's not gay.  Sure enough, it wasn't just a one paper tabloid story.  Even as I continue to honor my New Years resolution of watching less and less news these days, I heard Manti actually mouth the words over and over again during a weekend in which mass deaths in a Brazil night club and marshal law in Egypt just couldn't get the spotlight off Manti.

Here's the question.  What was Manti's actual response when Katie Couric asked him if he is gay?

A--"Far from it.   Faaar from it."

B--"Are you kidding, Katie?  I could do you in a New York minute."

C--"I'm very happy yes, but I'm also very straight."

D--"No, no, a thousand times no."

E--"I'm 100 percent ungay."

This is all too easy, albeit also just a little bit fun, so let's try another question, from about 50 years ago, in the days of black and white television.

PBS is airing a great new series on the pioneers in television.  I admit to watching PBS; I just don't think taxpayer dollars should be funding it.  The first episode was on funny ladies from Lucille Ball to Phyllis Diller to Moms Mabley, and yes, Carol Burnett.  Long before her weekly hit variety series on CBS, Carol Burnett gained a fair share of renown by belting out a song in which she claimed to have made a fool of herself by falling madly for which famous 1950s politician?

A--Dwight David Eisenhower;

B--Richard Milhouse Nixon;

C--Adlai Stevenson;

D--John Foster Dulles; or

E--Estes Kefauver.


"Far from it, faaar from it". 

John Foster Dulles, Ike's rather nondescript Secretary of State. 

What trash!

How low we have sunk this week!

Oh well, it was either Manti and Carol or, "Who was the first woman to accompany her husband on a diplomatic mission abroad for the United States?"  Maybe next week.

johnfosterdulles.wmv - YouTube

Oct 30, 2010 - Uploaded by cynn39
Carol Burnett on The Gary Moore show singing "I Made A Fool Of Myself Over John Foster Dulles.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hey, Steve –
Can Manti now marry his imaginary girlfriend in New Hamsters, replete with the seal of the Grate State on his marriage license? All things being equal, licensing by the State for official hook-ups still ain't so equal. To stretch the net a bit, Tim O’Flaherty and I should go before the Grand Assembly of Sausage Makers under the Gilded Dome to celebrate our love that dare not be mentioned: an untamed man and his unleashed dog. Hope Seth is available to administer the rites of this sacrament. Budget Day available?
– C. dog popping cultures one pinprick at a time
January 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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