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Barack Obama's Unsolvable Equation

The unsolvable equation for Republicans (the demographic difficulties for a party not attuned to minorities; see my blog about Dr. Krauthammer) may be debatable, but Barack Obama and Democrats face an even more unsolvable mathematical conundrum.

More and more economists are pointing out what many of us have known all along.  You can't keep spending money you don't have without driving our system over the brink into insolvency.  It's not a question of if it'll happen; it's simply a question of when.

The fact that Obama and Democrats in Washington D.C. refuse to face this basic fact is the single greatest threat to this country, indeed to any country, today.  In fact, it's the sole reason why, despite tremendous differences with stupid Republicans (Bobby Jindal's word, not mine) who seem to be doing everything they can to attain permanent minority status, I simply cannot become a Democrat.

Fortunately, New Hampshire Democrats seem to realize that a dollar can only be spent once and that you cannot spend a dollar that you don't have.  That's because, thank the forces that be, we are required to balance the budget.

Barack Obama's math makes no sense, and no amount of tax increases will square these equations.  We must dramatically cut spending, both domestic and military spending and entitlements.  We can take very little solace in the fact that the Senate has finally agreed to create a budget.   

Someone said we are borrowing money from our grandchilden, but it's far worse than that.  With Obama's math, we are in fact stealing money from future generations.  Taking money with no intention of repaying it--that's theft by my definition.  The real tragedy is that a majority of Americans simply refuses to face the basic truths of arithmetic; they prefer being thieves to solving problems. 

I am reminded Thomas Jefferson who claimed to oppose slavery but at the same time was such a spendthrift that only by mortgaging his slaves could he afford to carry on with his lifestyle.  Again I refer you to the great new book, Master of the Mountain, Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves by Henry Wieneck.  To finance improvements to Monticello, Jefferson used his slaves as collateral for bank loans from England!). 

Master of the Mountain: Thomas Jefferson and His Slaves

But I digress...

Far from being remembered as the President who first mentioned the word "gay" in an inaugural address or who delivered universal health care or even for solving the immigration problem, it seems most likely that Barack Obama will be remembered as the man who bankrupted the country; that he will go down in history, with plenty of accomplices (New York Times columnist Paul Krugman comes to mind immediately), as the man who led to the demise of this once great republic.  Hopefully, historians won't equate that with him also being the first African American President (half African American for those keeping score). 

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Reader Comments (4)

I couldn't agree more about spending in the long run. But I have read enough history to know that a jolt by the government in downturns almost always works. The trick is when to turn it off. As to President Obama bankrupting the nation, George Bush did that by spending like crazy and cutting revenue; the very worst of both worlds. I think we can all agree that our military spending is obscene. I think most Americans rightly support a solid social safety net. There are a million places we can make cuts without shredding the social safety net. We need revenue and people are not going to buy into the cuts without revenue. We want balance. The election tells us one thing, the people know full well the GOP is supposed to be the party of small government and theu voted against them. In fact, let us not forget that even though the House is GOP, Dems received 1.4 Million more votes in the House elections. When the GOP dumps the religious crazies, the gun jihadists, and the economic extremists, it will once again we a national party. Until then, the GOP will win less and less. They will win only on the local level. They will go the way of the Federalist Party and become irrelevant like the Constitution Party which I might add has the same platform as the Tea party "stupids".
January 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJames Veverka
Hey Jimmy –
The long run is nye upon you. Even the Chinese are accumulating gold in anticipation of Uncle Sammy going all Greek. See Californicate for glimpse of what ahead for Uncle Sammy writ large. But hey, libtards spend like its 1999 and when your party's over, remember to turn out the lights. We're done picking up the bill for your little projects.
– C. dog, economic extremist, or am I an econo-jihadists?
January 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
The US isn't poor, the world isn't poor - the money we had didn't disappear - it didn't evaporate - Someone has it.

The problem is that governments are afraid to address the issue directly. World wide corporations from top to bottom are draining the world of cash - and by pulling this money out of circulation they are sending us all on a downward spiral. Come on Steve - you are such a brilliant man in so many ways, surely you can see this?
February 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTesha
Tesh –
Maybe you're The One they wrote of in Proverbs, the chosen one given the key to the Ark of the Covetous. Within this holy relic is stored the king's golden plug. Grasp this plug, Tesha. Lift this plug to the sky for divine inspiration from your monetary wizard, Alan Greenspan. Then, with plug in hand, seek the unholy World Wide Corporation, find its gaping maw of a drain, raise the plug once more, then thrust it into the drain to save all of humanity from the liquidation of its most precious of paper assets. May the velocity of money be with you. Gore speed.
– C. dog making pocket change out of BozO's promised land of FORWARD!
February 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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