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A Quick Example Of Tolerating Bad Speech


That was quick!

Only yesterday I quoted the line about defending to the death your right to say something with which I disagreed.

On my walk from Storrs Garage to the State House today (what a beautiful day for a leisurely stroll), I saw a sign that was so vulgar that I could never agree with it, but I certainly defend the right of the gun advocate who held it.

It wasn't even on the State House lawn; it was on the very corner where you cross the street.

There were the words "Impeach Obama" and our President pictured with a Hitler mustache.

As I've noted as recently as earlier this week, I didn't vote for Barack Obama; I fear he's leading us down the road to fiscal ruin, but I certainly don't think he's done anything impeachable.  Courts have ruled--and I agree--that he shouldn't have made those Labor Board appointments while the Senate was still technically in session, but that's still in dispute, so it cannot be considered impeachable.

As for the Hitler mustache, it falls under the category of how NOT to win friends and influence people.  Such an over the top image tends to cost credibility to the person (and his cause) of the person holding it.

However, I would never vote to censure, censor, or impeach anyone holding such a sign.

If you don't like it; ignore it or write something to counteract it.

I still can't remember the justice or judicial figure, but I agree completely with the sentiment that the answer to bad speech is not to censor it, but rather to counter it.

Impeach Obama?

Obama with a Hitler mustache?

Bad public relations on the corner of the State House lawn, but certainly not something we should band. 

It looked something like this.  Will those calling for action against Rep. Chase call for action against the person holding this type of sign?  I think not.  It all depends on whose ox is being gored, n'est-ce pas?


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All the pols down in D.C. are just so impeachy: BATF, DEA, FDA, FCC, DoE-DoE birds, HUD ...
– C. dog
February 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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