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Get Well Soon Councilor Burton

Get well wishes go out today to a Executive Coucilor Raymond Burton, a New Hampshire instituion who is apparently very ill.

Except for a two year period, Ray has been serving as coucilor for the northern chunk of our state continuously since the mid-seventies.

He's my kind of Republican, a kind and moderate soul not wedded to the right wing principles (so espoused by former Speaker Bill O'Brien and his chief of staff Greg Moore) which have so dragged down our party these past few years.

I first remember meeting Ray in my college days.  I was working on a display at the old Plymouth State Fair, and of course, Ray was making the rounds.

As a reporter for the Plymouth Record Citizen in the mid and late seventies, I would see Ray often.  The Record was a small newspaper, but not too small for Ray to visit whenever he was passing through. 

I also saw him at all the parades and events in the Pemi-Baker Valley when I was snapping pictures for the paper (the Ashland Fourth of July parade in particular).

Please, get well Councilor Burton.

We love you.

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