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Guest Commentary--Meaner Aspects Of Human Nature

From time to time, this blog will feature guest commentaries.  This is such a time.  The words are from the writer, not from me although obviously I wouldn't pass them along if I didn't "tend to" agree. 

Voters rejected his extreme conservative agenda last November, but former House Speaker William O'Brien hasn't given up radical Tea Party legislative actions:

-         the re-introduction of a Right-to-Work bill

-         spending countless hours fighting to allow guns on the House floor

-         continued crusade to disenfranchise voters by calling for the end of same-day voter registration

-         unsuccessfully petitioned to censure and impeach a fellow House member

To understand this radical Republican ideology, we need to consult historian J.H. Plumb, from his book The Making of an Historian (1988).

Our radical conservatives exemplify the thinking of 18th century philosopher Edmund Burke described as “the monumental self-deception of the conservative that anti-rationalism is wisdom (p. 24).” Burke “believed that wisdom was instinctive and religious rather than rational or intellectual (p. 27-28).”

“Reason, or enlightenment, these are the figments of dreams, delusions, fairy lights in the scarcely knowable mysteries of human society. …Burke [or O’Brien] gave an air of virtue, morality and godly wisdom to an attitude that was anti-intellectual, and dominated by the meaner and more aggressive aspects of human nature (p. 28).”

Jonathan Reuel Seaver

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Reader Comments (1)

Extreem Libtard Agenda:
1. Government school monopoly for other than Limo libs (BozObama, the Kennedies, Magpie, etc) and Romney's RINO's
2. Nanny's permission slips for everything from the ground cover up to the paint color for "private property owners" (check that: stewards of Nanny Land)
3. Any number of non-constitutional agencies, bureaus, and departments of Grate State of New Hamster doing any number of Nanny tasks to keep the peeps straight and well behaved ... starting with the Dept. of Cultured Affairs ... and ending with perennial favorite, the Lilac Lady.

Hmmm, extreme is as extreme does. Maybe Jonathan Reuel Seaver could use the age of reasoning to connect the State's framework of law and reason (New Hampshire's very own Constitution) to all these "figments of dreams, delusions, fairy lights in the scarcely knowable mysteries of human society."
– C. dog connecting dots one human law at a time to the money behind it
February 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog

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