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Has The Last "Liberal With Sanity" Left Us?

My kind of Democrat passed away over the weekend.

Ed Koch, who labeled himself as a "liberal with sanity", is gone.  Sadly, there are very few Democrats like Ed Koch left. 

Sanity, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, but to this "libertarian with sanity" (in other words a libertarian, not an anarchist), Ed Koch would never have pushed for the insane idea of banning soft drinks of more than 16 ounces like current New York Mayor Bloomberg did.

I would also call it insane to keep on spending at a rate which will bankrupt our country.  I don't think Ed Koch, albeit a liberal, would have stood for that; Barack Obama and most Democrats, sadly, do.  I'd call them all "liberals with insanity".

Of course, there are plenty of Republicans with insanity as well.  One need only look at the crop of New Hampshire right wing extremists, many of whom were voted out of office last November, to find the insane Republicans.

On this week's Close-Up, Nashua Telegraph columnist Kevin Landrigan predicted the Republicans would retake the New Hampshire House in 2014.  That may well be, but I would hasten to add that Republicans will only regain control if a fresh crop of so-called RINOs (in other words Republicans with sanity, like Irene Messier) are elected.  To pick up more than 22 seats, Republicans will need 20-30 of the ilk who will never tolerate the likes of the Bully Without A Pulpit.

But that's fodder for a later blog.

As for now, let us mourn the passing of a sane liberal at the same time we mourn the passing of the sanity in both parties. 



Ed Koch
Edward Irving "Ed" Koch was an American lawyer, politician, political commentator, movie critic and reality television arbitrator. Wikipedia

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