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Hey Drew, Glen Beck Wants To Shoot Steven King

Stephen King, February 2007

Better beware, Steven, Glen Beck's packing heat and says he wants to shoot you!



As the Union Leader joke police, led by chief editorial writer Andrew Cline, continue to waste buckets and buckets of ink of the Tim Horrigan story, this just in!

As I was driving home from a Super Sunday feast at Wendy’s (they now provide free drinks to those more than 60), Glen Beck, who reaches millions times as many people as Rep. Horrigan, was proclaiming how he'd like to shoot horror writer and super liberal Steven King.

King's offense?  Well, as I headed up Gold Street, Beck revealed that it was because King put him through 800 pages of a book only to reveal at the end that a spider did it!

Hey Drew, better pull Jon DiStaso off whatever story you've got him on today (certainly it’s not the fireworks bill story; despite a four hour hearing on that important subject, we’ve still seen nary a word about it in the UL) because certainly Glen Beck must be forced to apologize.  It’s the least we can do to appease the ghost of William Loeb.

After all, virtually no one saw Rep. Horrigan's questionably funny reposting of a tweet about Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia, but millions were listening to Glen Beck's rant against Steven King, especially because it must have been a rebroadcast of a show which aired earlier in the week (certainly Beck wasn't working Super Bowl Sunday).

Do I really think Glen Beck wants to shoot Steven King?

Of course not, but then I never for a moment thought that Rep. Horrigan wanted Dick Cheney to shoot Justice Scalia.  However, the Union Leader made a front page story (about 30 inches worth of type if you followed the story inside) out of the Horrigan posting.  Apparently, there was yet another story Sunday, a FOUR COLUMN head "Lawmaker apologizes for re-tweet" with a photo of my friend from Durham.

If one is going to be falsely outraged by every single comment that comes along, should one not be suitably outraged by every other silly comment...at least when it's pointed out.

Thus, I'm doing the Union Leader a favor.  I'm pointing out Glen Beck's "threat" against Steven King.

Oh yes, talkmeister Beck also said President Obama laughs like a little school girl.  I missed the details because, as I heard Beck and his sidekick laughing like little school girls, I reached my driveway and managed to get back to more important things...no, not the Super Bowl.  I was spending a Super Sunday with Mr. Gray, a particular Mr. D. Gray (fodder for next week's trivia question to be sure).

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