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Sequester Is Not Enough

Boh, Doh, Dee, Doh, Doh.

Remember those famous sound effects from the old song Winchester Cathedral?

In one of his more brilliant bits of satire, Rush Limbaugh came up with a take-off of that old standard late last week.

To the tune of Winchester Cathedral, sing if you will, "Sequester is here now."

Boh, Doh, Dee, Doh, Doh.

Sometimes, whether you love him or hate him, you've got to hand it to Rush.  It was drop dead funny.

But, of course, sequester is far from funny.

It's also far from enough to save this country from financial ruin.

Were sequester involving three or four times as much as it does now, then we might be making serious progress of reining in our unbounded lust to spend money this country can't afford.

Of course, government is not going to shut down.  (Some of us wish it would).

Of course, the world is not coming to an end with sequester.

Boh, Doh, Dee, Doh, Doh.

Of course, it's not enough.

As silly as are Obama's wild claims that the economy will tank, people will lose their jobs, and there will be real pain are wild claims from neocons (no spell check, I don't mean neurons!) like Bill Kristol who apparently thinks defense should be exempt from sequester.

This will cripple our defense; he continues to blather on on Fox News on a weekly basis (very weakly).

What it will do is force us to realize that neither can we know should we be the policeman of the world, that neither can nor should we maintain troops and a presence in dozens (it might even be more than a hundred) countries around the world including countries like Germany which are much stronger than we are 68 years after World War II ended.

Almost as drop dead funny as Rush Limbaugh's parody;

Almost as funny as Obama's socialist friends who would spend us into bankruptcy;

Almost as funny as Kristol's neocon policemen of the world'

Almost as funny as all of that are the words from our two New Hampshire Senators, one from each party so its bipartisan silliness.  The way Kelly and Mean Jeanne spent the weekend moaning about how this was such a bad thing, one would think they had nothing to do with it.

Hey, Kelly, it's your fault.

Hey, Jeanne, it's your fault.

Don't think we're stupid enough to blame the guy behind the tree.  There is no guy behind the tree. 

It's you, Kelly.

It's you, Jeanne.

Now stop moaning and start cutting trillions rather than billions!

Boh, Doh, Dee, Doh, Doh! 

Spending More Right Here In Our House....

If you think that government needs to spend every dollar it currently does, consider this.

Last week, we read that New Hampshire House Speaker Terie Norelli hired Mario Piscatella as her new communications and policy director.  I'm looking up the price tag now, but you can be sure that with benefits included, it's in the hundred thousand dollar range.

Here we are into March; we haven't missed not have a media person for the House for two months.  By June, we'll be done the session and the position won't be needed, yet here we are filling a position which I'm sure the Speaker will claim needs to be filled.

Don't blame her, however.  Blame the mentality of every government bureaucracy.  For example, while slashing spending in many state departments, supposedly conservative Speaker Bill O'Brien decided that he needed both a high paid chief of staff (former Rep. Bob Mead), a media specialist (the future wife of majority leader D.J. Bettencourt) and a high paid advisor Greg Moore whose main job seemed to be thinking up new ways to deceive House Republicans and antagonize Senate Republicans.

Mr. Piscatella must be a nice man; although he apparently knows nothing about New Hampshire and it's been five days and he still hasn't gotten me a media mailing list or even simply an email address for WGIR's new morning man.  How do I know Mr. Piscatella knows diddly about New Hampshire?  Because when I mentioned how Jack Heath had moved from the Concord station to GIR, he didn't know Jack Heath from Adam.  One would think a media director would know something about New Hampshire media, but apparently not now.  At least Mr. Piscatella has a background in helping shady characters like Chris Dodd, disgraced former Connecticut Senator.

You just can't make this stuff up, but you can use it to point out how government is spending more than it needs to at all levels, starting right here in the New Hampshire House. 

The answer is $61,771 plus benefits (we use an average of 50-55 percent beyond the salary for benefits), but he's "doing policy", not just media. 

Obviously...he hasn't found that media list yet!

Oh yes, it's jackheath@clearchannel.com

I found it myself and didn't need $61,771 (plus benefits) to do it!

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