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This Week's Trivia--No Going Straight

Let's keep it simple this week, no choices but let's give you a range, say within 20 votes.

From a vote in the New Hampshire House a few weeks ago, it's clear that the state won't be going back to the days of straight ticket voting, at least not in the near future.  As promised, when no one removed the bill (HB143) from the consent calendar (with its ITL recommendation from the Election Law Committee), I did, and we got a division vote, so we know precisely how many of those present were in favor of going back to straight ticket voting...if in fact we can consider a vote against killing the bill being in favor of going back.  Assume that's a valid assumption.  Keep in mind that the bill had four sponsors, all Republicans (Notter, Peterson, LeBrun, and Rice).

Only 321 of (400 Reps) were recorded for the vote.  Within 20, how many of the 321 expressed their support of returning to straight ticket voting?

Within 20...or would you prefer options.  16, 36, 56, 76, or 96?

If you said only four, you would of course be wrong.  But if you said anything more than 56, you would also be wrong.  The answer is 36, so anything between 16 and 56 should be scored correctly under the rules agreed upon here.  We'll never know which 36; it was not a roll call vote.

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