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Live Free Or Die Alliance Not So Accurate

They can take away our (State Reps) right to ski free at Cannon Mountain (let the record indicate I never skied free at Cannon Mountain), but they can't take away our god-given right to a ham or turkey sandwich.

In pursuit of such food, I attended a luncheon at the State Historical Society this noon (actually I was hoping to see the Auschwitz exhibit, but that's at the State Library next door) sponsored by the Live Free or Die Alliance.

Just what is the Live Free or Die Alliance, you are probably asking yourself.

I certainly was.

It's probably some right wing organization, you're probably thinking.

I certainly was.

It's not, and I guess I should browbeat myself at least a little for not realizing such a non-partisan or bi-partisan organization existed. 

For example, its founders range from Charlie Arlinghaus on the right (although I always question just how far right Mssr. Arlinghaus is; I'll never forget driving down Goffs Falls Road hearing him endorse an income tax many moons ago) to yoghurt magnate Garry Hirshberg and Lew Feldstein on the left.  Other noteworthy founders include the late Walter Peterson, Bruce Keough, Tom Thomson, Donna Sytek, and Tom Tillotson.

But the question remains--just what is the Live Free or Die Alliance?

A combo ham and turkey sandwich (not to mention a dab of salad and a free Coke) later, I can report that this organization actually has quite the information-laden web site (livefreeordiealliance.org) which you might want to check out.

A nifty map of electoral districts will lead you to your elected officials, and there are plenty of topics du jour to look into--gambling and stand your ground seem to be the in things this week.

I haven't really had much time to explore this web site, but it appears to be rather extensive albeit not terribly user friendly (at least not for me, but then I'm a technological Luddite).  I also can't say I'm too pleased with the accuracy of the site, at least not when it came to the first thing I checked, the description of the State Rep from Hillsborough District 15 (that would be I).

For example, it had me down as changing parties three times, including in 1998.  That's just plain wrong, and we'll see how long it takes the live free or diers to get it right (I informed them it was wrong).  Let the record indicate I was elected as a Democrat in 1996 and 1998; there was no party change until I ran as a Libertarian/Undeclared due to an election law technicality in 2000.  Then I became a Republican when I voted for Ray Wieczorek in a special executive council
Republican primary election the following winter and never reverted back, thus locking myself into the Republican status.  I have been elected as a Republican in every election from 2002 to 2012, so the site is just plain wrong, at least about me...but I won't hold that against it.

Apparnetly it doesn't update its information all that often either because it still has me listed as doing my TV show (in fact, as I reported here, I gave that up last November).  Also, it doesn't have me listed as a front page blogger for this web site.  Also, while it apparently checks various news sources from the Union Leader to Portsmouth Herald to NHPR (what no Monitor?), it misses a great deal by not checking nhinsider.com.

It could, for example, have added an entire new layer of information to its rather pedantic coverage of the gambling argument.  I guess what I'm trying to say (or perhaps trying not to say) is that this site doesn't appear to offer much more than you can pick up elsewhere.  It gives you two lobbyists (Jim Rubens and Scott Spradling) facing off in the gambling debate, but that's hardly new or insightful. 

You'll learn more albeit from a right wing perspective (plus me of course; and let's call my perspective usually libertarian although certainly not when it comes to Stand Your Ground or torturing harmless little animals) right here on nhinsider.com.

So thanks for the ham and turkey sandwich, live free or diers, but please update your web site about me.

Apparently I'm not the only one who, by guessing from its name, believes this is a right wing site.  One of my Democratic colleagues labored under that misconception until I informed her otherwise.

Let's make this a test for the site.  Give them a few days and see if they still have the information about me incorrect.  As I often say, making mistakes should not be held against anyone (we all make mistakes) but a failure to correct mistakes is the bad thing.  Of course, it's never about just me, but I assume if they've got "stuff" wrong about me, they most likely have gobs of other stuff wrong as well.  Right now, I don't have the time to check.  Maybe you'll want to.

Be my guest to critique them here.

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