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The Winners Are--Virtual Learning Academy And Alkaline Hydrolysis

The envelope please...

Michelle Obama is not here to open the envelope...so I'll do the honors for us today.

The winner is...the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School.  Don't look for a particular location because, by sheerest coincidence, that's the on-line charter school which educates students in the entire state.

Since this is the annual legislative chili competition and the voting is still going on, let me hasten to add that the winner is my own choice for best chili.

This is my favorite legislative freebie (less than $25 of course or we couldn't sample the charter schools' chilies). 

Ollie Lane Wortley, of Dover, concocted my winning chili.

Absolutely delicious, just a touch of sweetness with a bit of pulled port and even some sausage, a truly unique chili.  If it doesn't win, don't blame me; it got my vote.

I was prepared to vote for my choice from last year, a North Country charter school, but the Virtual Learning Academy wins hands-down.  In fact, if I hurry, I might be able to procure another serving (assuming I'm still beneath the $25 limit).

As legislators broke for lunch to sample various chilies, they had just passed (257-113) the bill on alkaline hydrolysis for disposal of human remains.  It was my bill there was no roll call, so we'll never know those who bought the inane argument that the process would amount to making pea soup of bodily remains, highly undignified said Reps. Nelson and LeBrun.   As if burying or burning a body is dignified.

The argument that it would be sacrilegious serves as a good reminder of what founders like Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and Hamilton all believed.  While you have a right to your religious views, don't try to foist your views on others.  If your god thinks it more dignified for you to bury or incinerate your remains, so be it, but Reps like Kappler and LeBrun would foist their godly views on everyone else.  That's hardly religious freedom.

Oh well, they'll get another chance to defeat this "sacrilegious" bill; it must go to the Executive Departments and Administration Committee for further review.

Pea soup, eh, Rep. Kappler?  Let's hope there's no chili on tap for lunch the next time the bill comes up.

Rep. Kappler and those opposed to this bill should heed the message from the gay marriage debate.  If you don't want to marry a gay peson, fine; you don't have to.  If you don't want to have your body disposed of with this process, fine; you don't have to.  Just don't try to control the lives of other people as well as your own.

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