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Animal "Lovers" Against Animals--It's Shameful

Let's try a dose of sarcasm.


Don't you just love it when people claim to be pro animal until push comes to shove and they end up voting against bills which would protect animals from severe and horrible harm by the species known as homo sapiens. 

I guess I could be speaking for the loons; you can be sure that next week I will vote for a Senate bill which will provide a small bit of relief for loons.


But the purpose of our exercise today is to talk about greyhounds.  Many those people who claim to be pro animals in the New Hampshire House voted earlier this year against a measure which would have provided a modicum of protection.  It would simply have prevented importing racing signals from states which fail to do what New Hampshire did more than a decade ago, mandate reporting of greyhound injuries. 

Dozens if not hundreds of greyhounds continue to be needlessly maimed or killed because of Florida (and now, yes, New Hampshire) lawmakers.


I'm not sure I could sleep at night (or during the day for that matter) with the blood of animals staining my hands or my mind by past votes against animals. 

Apparently, many sleep more readily than I do.  These people at least should stop pretending they are animal lovers.  Animal lovers do not allow animals to be maimed and killed for no good reading (eating animals cannot be conflated with using them to run around tracks without even simple reporting of injuries). 


I fully realize I will be vilified by some for saying this, but hey, just wait till next year when we get to a bill to ban trapping again.  Let the vilification begin now.  You ain't seen nothing yet.  When it comes to animals, it's time to put our money (votes) where our mouth is. 

I for one will never give up in an effort to alleviate the suffering of animals, and fortunately dogs have a friend in grey2k.  Despite the House vote in New Hampshire, progress is being made in Florida.


I share with you here an email I just received updating us on progress with the words--keep up the fight grey2k; keep up the fight animal lovers everywhere. 


Dear Friends,

I wanted you to know that our efforts to bring reporting requirements to help Florida greyhounds are succeeding. Since 2009, when we provided language and helped pass authorization into law for the racing division to require reporting by the greyhound industry, through almost four years of agency hearings and standstills, the first rule became effective on May 1. This is a good start!
Please read today's blog for more information and please know how much I appreciate the sacrifices you made this year to help make this happen.



We will be having an Open House and Meet the Board event at our new office in October. I hope some or all of you can make it.




Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.
President and General Counsel
GREY2K USA & GREY2K USA Education Fund

See our campaign video and sign a petition to end dog racing!

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