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Move Over Maggie; Here Comes Ian; Here Comes Clecia


Gubernatorial candidate Ian Freeman.  (Photo of Clecia not available) 

With the filing period for New Hampshire offices now officially over (except for filings for vacancies which the parties are allowed to fill tomorrow), Governor Maggie Hassan has drawn not one but two opponents in the Democratic party.

Of course, neither is officially sanctioned by party chief Raymond Charles Buckley. In fact, my guess is that Buckley is not at all happy about these two filings, buy hey, anybody with a hundred dollars in his or her pocket (and status as a registered voter in the party in question) can run for governor here in New Hampshire. You don't need any petition signatures; you don't need to raise any money; you don't even need to be a serious candidate. You just need to plop down the hundred dollars and fill out a simply form, and you're on the ballot.

You don't even need to show up at the Secretary of State's office to fill out the forms.

That's apparently the way it was with one of Governor Hassan's opponents.

So just who are Ian Freeman, of 63 Emerald Street #619 in Keene, and Clecia Terrio, of 130 South Cypress Street in Manchester?

Some of you have undoubtedly heard of Ian Freeman. In fact, just last week as he was filing for governor on the Democratic ballot, he was featured on Channel 9 news as one of the sidewalk chalkers. No, you just can't make this stuff up. The Keene City Council has apparently instructed the city solicitor to draw up an ordinance to prevent graffiti chalkers from carrying on their nefarious activities in the city.

I warned you that tongue would be firmly planted in cheek for this, and it was again with the word "nefarious". Apparently the town fathers of Keene are so alarmed by the sidewalk chalkers that they are taking action to end this outrage against civilization as we know it, and Ian Freeman was on Channel 9 (I caught the 11 p.m. broadcast) in defense of the chalkers.

You might get the impression that he's some nut who values freedom of expression rather highly.

You might be right, at least about the defense of freedom of expression. If he's some kind of nut, truth be told, he's my kind of nut.

Earlier this House session, Freeman appeared before the Criminal Justice Committee in a hearing on a marijuana bill (not my bill to legalize, regulate, in tax, but another bill). Not only did he appear to testify, as I recall, he was gaveled out of order by Committee Chair Laura Pantelakos, D-Portsmouth, when he pretended to be Al Capone and noted how decrim would hurt his (Capone's) illegal activities. Hey, Laura has never been known for her sense of humor. I guess I was the only one who thought young Mr. Freeman's approach was both ingenious and refreshing.

And now he's running for governor against Maggie, the queen of Reefer Madness.

How long can one keep one's tongue in cheek?

Hopefully long enough to report on Maggie's other opponent, this Mrs. Terrio.

We really don't need to wonder about who she is; we simply need to go to the 2013 Red Book (the election results book). In 2012, one Clecia Terrio filed as a Democrat for State Representative in Hillsborough District 14; that would be Manchester Ward 7.

Manchester elects two Reps for each of its 12 wards, and Mrs. Terrio was running against two other Democrats, both of whom would go on to make history by winning and then having to step aside when they moved out of the district before the end of their terms.

Yes, indeed, Clecia Terrio cut her political teeth losing to barroom brawler (and a former House Chair under Speaker Terie Norelli) Patrick Garrity who received 298 votes and wheelchair bound (not that there's anything wrong with that) Carol Ann Williams with 268 votes.

But, you're wondering, how many votes did current gubernatorial candidate Clecia Terrio receive in her less than winning effort. But, you're saying, surely I'm not going to force you to dig out the Red Books to find out; surely I'm not going to wait and make it next week's trivia question.

No indeed, even as tongue remains planted firmly in cheek, I won't be that cruel.

To the 298 and 268 votes for the winning candidates for State Rep in Ward 7, Clecia Terrio received 97 votes.

Rather than run for State Rep again, she apparently believes that's enough to move on to higher things, like running for governor.

But is she really the one thinking that, you might rightly ask, because maybe, just maybe you've heard that name Terrio without the Clecia in front of it.

You would be right; the 130 South Cypress Street should prove a clue. One Ross Terrio lives at that address, and while Clecia was losing in the Democratic primary for State Rep in Ward 7 in 2012, one Ross Terrio was finishing second in the Republican primary for State Rep in 2010. He received 311 votes to 343 for Brian C. Cole. Terrio, an incumbent Rep at the time (he was carried in during the 2010 Republican sweep) then lost to brawler Garrity and Williams in the November election--1708 (Garrity), 1704 (Williams), and 1199 (Terrio).

Are Ross and Clecia Terrio related?

After all, they both live at the same address.

Are they husband and wife registered in different parties?

Inquiring minds want to know, but inquiring minds better be careful. Ross Terrio, who was disgraced by finishing 60th (or was it 59th) of 62 candidates running for charter commission in Manchester a few years back is fond of law suits.

He's also one of the seven snakes/weasels, seven Republicans who disregarded a unanimous vote by the Manchester delegation, meeting with Mayor Ted Gatsas, and then voted for a redistricting plan which took a State Rep seat away from Manchester. All but one of the seven, by the way, were either voted out of office (Terrio, Gonzalez, Ball), decided not to run again, or died (Pepino) first. To ask to name the one would be to continue a digression, and we're supposed to be talking about Clecia not the disgraced Ross Terrio here.

After all, Clecia is the one running against Hassan for governor. What do you wanna bet, Hassan won't agree to a debate, not that Clecia has asked for one. Has she?

No thanks Clecia; were I a Democrat, I'd vote for Ian Freeman, but I have trouble believing Clecia Terrio is a serious candidate. No Democrat I've talked with at the State House has ever heard of her (I refer them all to the 2013 Red Book).

So...Maggie...not to mention Raybo...can breathe a sigh of relief.

As for Clecia, maybe we should start an over/under pool as to how many votes she'll get come September. We could always start with 97.

Here's a google result.  Hmm, zero dollars in 2012.  Wonder if she'll top that this year? 

And here's another one for Ian Freeman; at least we get a photo. 

TERRIO, CLECIA | Follow The Money

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Follow the Money 
TERRIO, CLECIA of New Hampshire received $0 in 2012. See full details of the contributions.

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