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More Kicking Me Around

I've been waiting years to paraphrase Richard Nixon's line from 1962 when, after losing the Governorship of California to Pat Brown (Jerry's father), the trickster told the press, "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more."

Well after my recount today, I can tell the press and everyone else who cares to listen at William Loeb Drive, "You WILLL have Steve Vaillancourt to kick around...for two more years."

I went from an 15 vote to an 18 vote victory in the Ward 8 recount...enroute to a landslide if they keep counting enough. 

I am deeply saddened that ward 8 voters turned my fellow Republican Mark Proulx, a hard working Representative, out of office for Tom No Show Katsiantonis who was absent for more than three of every four votes this past year.  Mark Proulx deserved did taxpayers of ward eight, Manchester and the state.  Not only did no show tomk win; his brother (George a four year No Show from ward 10) also won.  I'm thinking of taking to the floor every session under unanimous consent...if the Katsiantoni continue their No Show ways.

Just how stupid are voters?  Well, someone who has just been elected for the ninth straight time might be cautioned against calling those who elected him (or her) stupid, but since when has caution stopped me.  In an upcoming blog I'll spell out just how stupid voters are...look at the Nick Pappas vote as exhibit A...and getting more so, especially when the unwashed public comes out to vote in such high numbers as in a Presidential year.

In the meantime, start kicking away Drew and W and everyone at William Loeb Drive.

Talk about stupid...that paper endoresed a No Show Republican Snake for Charter Commission, and he came in 9th (of nine winners).

Speaking of the seven Republican snakes (based on the redistricting pledge they broke), only one survives...yes the same snake who made it to the Charter Commission (although he's among a 5-4 minority...kinda like Billy The Bully).


Minority Republicans Are Fighting Among Themselves

As if losing some 120 seats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, going from a 298-102 majority to a 222-178 minority, was not bad enough, the remaining 178 or so Republicans seem to be deeply divided as to whom they will select to lead them in minority status.

Even as recriminations fly back and forth with Republicans trying to figure out just what hit them, the party seems split between former Speak Gene Chandler and outgoing Speaker Bill O'Brien's choice of Pam Tucker (some, including your humble correspondent here, would go so far as to say that Tucker is offering herself up as Bill O'Brien's puppet).

O'Brien seems more than anything else to resemble that captain on the Italian ship which ran aground last summer, saving himself while dozens of passengers went to their watery deaths.  You know the ship and captain I mean....

Clearly it's not just O'Brien who has endorsed Tucker.  Outgoing Finance Chair Ken Weyler, no stranger to intrigue within the Republican caucus himself, late last week released a list of 70 Tucker supporters.

With 178 members, 70 won't be enough to elected the minority leader.  If everybody shows up for the vote Thursday, 90 votes will be necessary, and it's my assumption (albeit only an assumption) that nearly everyone not on the Weyler list is or will be supporting Chandler.

This seems to be a classic case of O'Brien newbies unwilling to accept the more seasoned Chandler.  As if getting thumped in the election is not bad enough, they seem to want to take us back to the days of confrontation and...dare I say...bullying tactics.

Clearly, I will (assuming I survive a recount this afternoon) be voting for Gene Chandler.

In the past, supporters have basically been kept quiet.  Sure, there have been lists, but they have never been so openly touted as Weyler chose to do last week.  This cannot bode well for the Grand Old Party which will have more trouble than ever getting its act together in the wake of this public spat.

Democrats, meanwhile, will have a race for their leader (and presumably Speaker) as David Campbell, of Nashua, challenges former Speaker Terri Noreill, or Portsmouth.  I would predict Norelli as Speaker with Chandler as GOP leader, but then remember that two years ago, I had predicted Chandler over O'Brien.

Here's the Tucket list Weyler flaunted to all (presumably) Republicans.

Sent: 11/9/2012 5:05:54 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Fwd: FW: Press Release: Pam Tucker’s Bid for House Republican Leader Earns ...


Pam Tucker’s Bid for House Republican Leader

Earns Support from over 70 Lawmakers

-NH House Members from Across the State Line Up to Support Tucker -


Greenland – In less than 24 hours, over 70 New Hampshire Republican House Members have publically endorsed State Representative Pam Tucker to serve as their Republican Leader during the 2013-2014 legislative session.  Additional elected officials are supporting Rep. Tucker’s bid but prefer not to release their names publically.


“I am humbled and honored to receive the support of so many of my fellow representatives from all over the state in such a short period of time,” said Deputy Speaker Pam Tucker, State Representative for Rockingham District 23. “Together we can create a strong Republican caucus that focuses on keeping New Hampshire affordable to all residents by balancing the budget and seeing that the state government lives within its means and keeps our commitment to creating new jobs by lower taxes and reducing burdensome regulation.”


Tucker was recently elected to her third term in New Hampshire House.


The New Hampshire House Members supporting Tucker’s bid for Republican Leader include:


Jane Cormier

Mark McConkey

John Burt

Calvin Dean Pratt

John Hikel

Richard Meaney

John Cebrowski

Keith Murphy

Moe Villeneuve

Don LeBrun

Emily Sandblade

Ralph Boehm

Jeanine Notter

William O’Brien

Lenette Peterson

Dick Hinch

Robert Rowe

Stephen Palmer

Tony Pellegrino

Bob Willette

Jim Coffey

Andy Renzullo

Jordan Ulery

Curtis Grace

Patrick Culbert

Mark Warden

Gary Daniels

Kathy Souza

George Lambert

Dan McGuire

Carol McGuire

JR Hoell

Bruce Hodgdon

Romeo Danais

L. Mike Kappler

Dan Dumaine

Stella Tremblay

Joseph Hagan

James Devine

David Murotake

Al Baldasaro

Daniel Tamburello

Bob Fesh

Frank Sapareto

David Thompson

Mary Griffin

Walther Kolodziej

Gary Azarian

Marilinda Garcia

Bianca Garcia

Joseph Sweeney

Patrick Bick

Daniel Itse

Regina Birdsell

Kenneth Weyler

Kevin St. James

Debra DeSimone

Mary Allen

Frederick Rice

Tracy Emerick

Michele Peckham

Pam Tucker

Tim Comerford

Jeffrey Oligny

Curtis Grace

Richard Gordon

Robbie Parsons

John Mullen

Joseph Pitre

Steve Beaudoin

Warren Groen

Laura Jones

Skip Rollins




This Week's Trivia--General Opposition To Bull Fighting


For this week's trivia question, let's look for a man who was not only a President but also who, as one of the nation's most famous generals, saw and oversaw the death of thousands on the battlefield.  Which President and general, upon seeing only one bull fight in Mexico, commented, "The sight to me was sickening.  I culd not see how human beings could enjoy the sufferings of beasts, and often of men, as they seemed to do on these occasions"?

Was it?

A)  General and President George Washington

B)  General and Presdient William Henry Harrison

C)  General and President Zachary Taylor

D)  General and President Ulysses Grant, or

E)  General and President Dwight David Eisenhower


For the answer, refer to page 53 of the great new biography from W. H. Brands, The Man Who Saved The Union, Ulysses Grant in War and Peace.  While serving in the Mexican War, Grant attended a bull fight "not wishing to leave the country without having witnessed the national sport".  That was while politicians and diplomats were wrangling after the United States had won the war (quite the story in itself).  "One visit to the arena was enough," Brands writes.  Grant, known for not holding human life in sacred regard when it came to Civil War battles such as Shiloh, was not fond of bull fighting.


Correcting And Adding Some Numbers

In reporting some numbers yesterday, I was wrong with Ovide LaMontagne's totals in Manchester.  In fact, he did much worse than I had reported (apparently I added his Ward 1 numbers in twice).  As I always say, we all make mistakes; it's getting them corrected that counts. 
In Manchester, Ovide lost by 5781 votes, 25,778-19,997.  That's 56.3-43.7 percent or a 12.6 percent margin or virtually the same as his statewide margin of 13.4 percent.
Mea culpa.
Speaking of getting numbers correct, Manchester City Clerk Matt Normand has revised downward turnout for the city.  It was not  as originally reported (apparently the charter commission ballots were counted in with overall totals in Ward 3, thus overstating the totals by almost 3000 votes).
The Manchester total was 48,919.  (My final prediction was 48,000 after I had thought 50,000 prior to noting a slight downtick in absentee voting in the city).
Matt also tells me that 10,000 people actually registered at the polls and then voted election day; that's an astounding 20 percent, nearly double the usual ten percent of same day registrants.  It'll be interesting to see if we get similar numbers statewide.
Secretary of State Bill Gardner tells me the statewide number should be close to 730,000; his prediction was 722,000; mine was 700,000 even.
Thus, it will be an all time record for New Hampshire even as the total votes cast nationwide appears to be down eight or ten million votes.
That's easily explained actually.  Team Obama and Team Romney basically ignored 38 states, so we will see turnout there down while it'll most likely be up in states like New Hampshire and other battlegrounds, but let's wait a few more days before taking that assertion to the data bank!
I'll be crunching more numbers (too many more probably) next week.  If you discover any errors, please let me know!



Oh Happy Day For The Gay Community Nationwide And In New Hamshire

Election day 2012 may go down in history as the day the gay marriage issue was put to bed once and for all.
Uber conservatives will no longer be able to claim that when people have been allowed to vote, gay marriage always loses.  In fact, it passed in both Maine and Maryland Tuesday, and nationwide exit polls show that gay marriage (not just civil unions) is now favored by a 49-46 margin. 
That numbers grows from year to year, and don 't be surprised to see it up to 60 percent when Americans go to elect a President in 2016.
Anti-gay marriage people are dying out, both literally and figuratively.  Literally...Manchester Ward 4 Republican, one of two Representatives to file legislation to repeal gay marriage last year, died prior to the election.  Figuratively, David Bates, the Salem Republican who has gained a reputation as Homosexual Hunter, decided not to run again in Windham and most likely would not have survived in the primary had he won.
In New Hampshire, an openly gay Executive Councilor (one of five!) was elected by a wide margin.  An openly gay State Senator (1 of 24) was elected by nearly a two to one margin.   An openly gay candidate for State Rep in Manchester Ward 2 won, but it goes beyond that....he's actually married to another man.
I'm not going to name names because even if people have outed themselves, I don't believe in focusing on their sexuality.
At the same time, New Hampshire rejected a homophobic Speaker, Billy the Bully, who to everlasting harm of his part insisted on push gay marriage repeal even during this past campaign.  Yes, he won his own race, but he joins the ranks of back benchers where his venom will be well contained.
That's the point.  The vast majority of voters don't care if someone is gay or not.  The vast majority doesn't believe government should decide just whom you can fall in love with or sleep with.
We've come a long way since people were killed in colonial America just for being gay. 
We've come a long way since gays were part of the Nazi Holocaust (let's never forget the pink triangles).
We've come a long way since blacks and whites were not allowed to marry (it wasn't until 1965 that the Supreme Court decided the issue in the Loving v. Virginia case).
We still have a ways to go, but we in New Hampshire should take pride that we were slightly ahead of the curve on tolerance.
Thanks to Jim Splaine, former Portsmouth Democrat, and all those who worked so hard on an issue that Republicans stood against until the last dog died.
The last bigoted dog is nearly gone, and the GOP continues to oppose this issue at its own peril.
At the risk of ending on a downer note, let me add a personal story.  My support of gay marriage and transgender rights (and equality for all god's children) is well known, and it was used against me in my ward which is the most Republican and the most conservative of all the state's city wards (with the possible exception of Ward 1 in Laconia).  I usually top the ticket for State Rep and finish several hundred votes ahead, but this time I won by only 15 votes (there's a recount next week).  I am absolutely certain I lost Republican support and didn't pick up much Democratic support either (Dems were too busy following like lemmings the recommendations of hacks like Kathy Sullivan).
But I'm not just imagining this.  Even among the joy of this election's aftermath, I'll be haunted by a door-to-door visit to a family in the Brown Ave area (just north of the airport).  I gave the people my flyer; they didn't look happy, and as I was walking away, I heard, "Oh, he's for gay marriage.  We can't vote for him!"
Indeed they couldn't.  Indeed homophobia prevails in certain areas, among certain people.  Indeed, it hurts me, but my proudest accomplishment as I head (perhaps) into my ninth terms is helping Jim Splaine past gay marriage and preventing the bigots in my own party (like Billy the Bully) from repealing it.
We are on the right side of history...just like the abolitionists like Jonathan Hale and Daniel Webster and John Quincy Adams (sadly not Franklin Pierce) were on the right side of history in their fight against slavery.  Just like those who fought for women's rights and for the right for inter-racial marriage were on the right side of history.
If that opinion (and I've expressed it openly on many past TV shows) costs me, then so be it.
Oh happy day, New Hampshire. 
Oh happy day, America. 
Sadly, it took a whopping defeat to my own party (yes, I remain among the most fiscally conservative people you'll find anywhere) to bring it about.
Wake up, Grand Old Party, it's later than you think.
CSpan often rebroadcasts programs.  Last night, Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg did an hour with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce talking about the Republican problems (and Barack Obama's refusal to work...even with members of his own party...he's one lazy golf playing dude!).  Check it out if it's rerun.  It's worth an hour of your time.
By the way, The Liberty Express (my show) is no more...but that's another story.
Trivia question--At the polls in Ward 8 Manchester, election day, who was sporting a button, "Skiers for Obama."
Hint--The answer is almost contained within this blog.
Give up.
It was not Kathy The Hack Sullivan, but it was Mr. Kathy Sullivan (also known as John Rist)!
Not that there's anything wrong with such a button...except Golfers For Obama or Lazy Hackers for Obama might have been more appropriate considering the comments from Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg.  You really gotta see it.  CSpan I.

Gay Marriage Victory In Maine, Maryland; Minnesota Votes Down 'Traditional' Amendment (UPDATE)

Posted: 11/07/2012 1:05 am EST Updated: 11/07/2012 3:21 pm EST

Gay Marriage Victory