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Ample Precedent For Dumping Biden The Buffoon

In a word, he's a buffoon.

In two words, he's a laughing stock.

He is, of course, Vice President Joe Biden, but then we've known all along that he's both a buffoon and a laughing stock.  From the days when, running against Dukakis in 1988, he stole the life story of Brit Neil Kinnick, to just four years ago when he referred to Barack Obama as a clean African American (what were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?  Dirty?), Joe Biden has always been a national disgrace.  In fact, he's embraced it.

That's why I was alarmed four years ago when, rather than choosing Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (a clearn Hoosier as opposed to a dirty Delawarian), Obama opted for the buffoon as his running mate.

His "y'all" will be back in chains comment this week merely proves once again what a laughing stock our Veep is.

However, the one word that counts will not be buffoon but rather liability.

In a close election, Joe Biden has clearly become a liability for the Demagogue in Chief, and word has surfaced today that even before the "y'all" comment, Team Obama had reached out to Hillary Clinton to assume the Veep mantle for the coming campaign.  No buffoon she, Hillary apparently said thanks but no thanks. 

It's not just John McCain and Sara Palin offering Obama good advice (really good advice--albeit from the opposing camp) on dumping Biden, Democrats have apparently reached the belated conclusion that the buffoon must go....although don't expect any hack from Obama's party to admit it.

The Biden flap sent me scurrying to the Almanac to ascertain just how many Veeps have been dumped midstream by their Presidents. 

It's more than I thought, and I trust more than you might think as well.

Of course, Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR come to mind immediately.

After all, how could Jefferson have kept Aaron Burr in 1804....after Burr had nearly stolen the Presidency from Jefferson himself in 1801 and then had killed poor Alexander Hamilton in the famous Jersey shore duel?

FDR, in the process of leading us into war in 1940, couldn't stomach Texan John Nance Garner any longer so he turned to socialist Henry Wallace who then had to be dumped in 1944 in favor of the less radical gray eminence, Missouri haberdasher and machine creation Harry Truman.  In his book The Golden Age, Gore Vidal contends that FDR, knowing he was never going to live out his term, opted for Truman, whom he barely ever spoke to, sort of as revenge on his unsuspecting countrymen (It's worth a read).

We remember Lincoln because of the great name of Hannibal Hamlin, his choice in 1860, and of course because of the impeached (albeit never convicted) Andrew Johnson in 1864.

Historian assure us that Eisenhower came close to dumping Nixon in 1956.  Heck, Ike came close to dumping Nixon in 1952 until he was saved by the Checkers speech.  (Trivia question--Just what was Checkers anyway?)

But there were other midstream Veep changes.

James Madison opted for Elbridge Gerry (he of the mandering fame) for the second term but then George Clinton had died, so we can hardly count that one.

Ulysses S. Grant went from Schuyler Colfax to Henry Wilson who then proceeded to die in office.

We mustn't forget Andrew Jackson whose first Vice President John C. Calhoun was far too much a secessionist (even back in the early 1830s; Calhoun had also served as John Quincy Adam's less than loyal Veep) thus necessitating the arrival of Martin Van Buren to the Veep's chair.

Nixon didn't really get rid of Agnew (he was far too valuable with "nattering nabobs of negativism"), but the Feds nailed Spiro who should have ended up in jail rather than simply out of the Veep seat.  Hoorah, for Gerald Ford!

That's just about it.  Washington stuck with Adams, but of course, those were the days when the person who received the second most votes for President automatically became Veep (what strange bedfellows Adams and Jefferson were).  Wilson stuck with Thomas R. Marshall. 

If you discover another dumped Veep, let me know.

Meanwhile, Obama would benefit from the adivce of McCain and Palin:  pull an FDR; pull a Lincoln; pull a U.S. Grant; say bye-bye to Biden before Labor Day.

No, Barack, you don't have to thank me for the advice, but in a close election 80 days from now, you'll be thanking yourself.

Can Democrats really afford this loose cannon going off the week before the election?   I think not.

Pundits today are saying that dumping Biden would hurt Obama with the labor vote, the blue collar vote in Pennsylvania and Ohio (as if they're going to gravitate to Romney).

If Hillary can't be talked into it (it really would not be in her best interest as she gears up to run in 2016--count on it, she's running even if she won't admit it until 2014)), then I say, "Bring on Evan."  He's jobless, politically speaking of course; actually he's a Fox News commentator; and he would tend to give Obama the appearance of moving back toward the precious center.

Checkers, of course, was a little cocker spaniel, a dog that Nixon used to gain sympathy with the American public (along with Pat wearing a "Republican cloth coat") back in those heady days of 1952.


Dog Torturer Takes To Air Waves

Maggie The Dog Torturer Hassan, defeated State Senate candidate in 2010 and current candidate for governor, is up on channel 9 with the first in a series of commercials.

Maggie looks straight into the camera and brags about her accomplishments as a state senator.  She talks about what she "fought" for.  Were I advising The Dog Torturer (and she certainly will never ask), I'd say to--

Use the word "work for" rather than "fight"; it's a bit over the top.

But most of all, spend a few more sheckles on production of the spots.  When you talk about kindergarten and forcing teens to stay in school till they're 18, perhaps rather than seeing your dour face for the entire 30 seconds, Maggie, maybe you could cut to a shot of you with smiling youth.

Of course, I'm not inclined to support Maggie The Dog Torturer anyway, but I think the commercial is a flop.

Were I a Democrat (and I'm not), I'd probably vote for Jackie Cilley in the primary although I must admit to being fascinated by this newcomer Bill Kennedy.  On Channel 9 last week, he mentioned how he doesn't like to kill anything, including flies and ants and such.  I had just finished reading the Walter Cronkite biography, and I recall reading the same thing about the veteran CBS anchor.  Walter told about killing a wren one time.  When the dying wren looked up to him as if to say, "Why did you go and do that?” Walter decided he wouldn't kill any more.

Good idea.

Of course, Maggie has no such compassion.   Whenever I refer to her as the Dog Torturer, people ask me why.  The answer is simply.  One of my proudest moments as an elected official was helping out in the effort to ban the cruel and unwanted "sport" of greyhound racing.  Working with the Grey2K folks out of Massachusetts, we finally succeeded last session, but no thanks to Maggie.  Right to the very end, Maggie displayed a slavish devotion to Seabrook Park and "fought" (even attempting parliamentary tricks at the last minute) to perpetuate this cruel pastime that very few people want to watch any more.

A century ago, Maggie would most likely have been a "fighter" to retain "cock fighting".

She is no friend of animals. 

Maggie is no Bill Kennedy when it comes to animals; she's no Walter Cronkite.

Yes indeed, she is Maggie The Dog Torturer and gubernatorial wannabe.

You won't here that on her cheap tawdry 30 second spots.

"Wake Up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you."

Torturing dogs is not a good thing!


Did Letterman Bleep The Veep?

David Letterman, a graduate of the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda (Repeat the big lie often enough and people will believe it) if not of comedy, is certainly no friend of Republicans.

The CBS late night presence, perhaps best known for his disgusting rants against Sara Palin, apparently greeted Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan with a comment so vile that the CBS censors decided to bleep it out Monday night.

Yes, I admit it; watching Letterman is a guilty pleasure.  He's much funnier than the guy who forced Conan onto Turner TV.  Letterman can in fact be quite hilarious.  Even some of his political stabs, almost always aimed at Republicans, can be quite funny.

Yes, I'm a bit sick of the clip with Romney and the dog on the top of his car and the dancing horse--as I say, repetition is a hallmark of the Goebbels school of propaganda.

However, I'm fairly certain I detected a few words being bleeped out Monday night when Letterman went after Paul Ryan. 

Help me out here.

Am I the only one who caught this?

Did Letterman in fact utter something so vile that even his CBS master would not allow it to be aired?

Or was my dish simply on the fritz for those two seconds?

I think not.

Wouldn't it be refreshing it Letterman spread his humor around by attacking a few Republicans from time to time?  Hey, Dave, try taking a shot at the Vice Buffoon, aka the embarrassment known as our Vice President.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan cheers as he listens to Mitt Romney speak during a campaign stop in Mooresville, North Carolina on August 12, 2012. UPI/Nell Redmond . 
License photo
Published: Aug. 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM

NEW YORK, Aug. 14 (UPI) -- David Letterman mocked Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan with a special Top 10 list on "Late Show" in New York.

Letterman read "Little-Known Facts About Paul Ryan" during Monday's edition of his late-night chat show.

It went as follows --

10. He's only the 32nd white guy to become Republican vice presidential nominee.

9. Was runner-up on Season 3 of "The Bachelorette."

8. Always shampoos once, conditions twice.

7. Got his start in Congress as John Boehner's tanning boy.

6. Claims to be "a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets."

5. Like the rest of America, wonders what [Republican presidential candidate Mitt] Romney is hiding in his tax returns.

4. Has a good feeling about this Jennifer Aniston marriage working out.

3. Eats nothing but plants, berries and small turtles.

2. Even before working at Oscar Meyer, had reputation for "driving the weinermobile."

1. Born in Kenya.

Read more:

Remembering Peter Fechter 50 Years Later

  • Images for peter fechter photos

  • Friday, August 17, marks the 50th anniversary of what, at least to me, stands out as the saddest moment in Cold War history.

                It was on that day in 1962, barely a year after the Berlin Wall went up, that Peter Fechter, a young East Berliner who in an attempt to escape from the prison walls of the DDR, was shot by border guards and allowed to bleed to death within shouting distance of American guards at Check Point Charlie.

                20 years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the cruel even, I was living in Berlin and made a pilgrimage to the spot where Peter Fechter was killed.  I filmed it and will feature the segment on next week’s Liberty Express (Monday 10 p.m. on Manchestertv23 with rebroadcasts Thursday at 9 p.m., Sunday at 6 a.m. and noon; always available at

                Stalin spoke of the death of one person being a tragedy while the death of millions is merely a statistic.

                I guess that’s why I’ve always felt a special poignancy when I think of Peter Fechter lying there bleeding to death while Americans, fearing a Cold War “incident”, did nothing to help him.

                Very near the site where Peter Fechter was killed was the publishing home of ultra right winger Axel Spring.  In fact, one could say that Peter Fechter was killed in the shadow of the Springer building.

                Also nearby is the Wall Museum (I assume it’s still standing today) which tells the sad story of deaths which occurred at the Wall.

                “Es Geschah an der Mauer” (“It Happened at the Wall”) is a fantastic booklet which was available at the museum.  Tattered and torn from overuse these days,

    it’s probably the most important book I have.

                In four languages, the story of Peter Fechter is told.

                Here’s the English version from the book, accompanied by graphic pictures.


                “Peter Fechter.  “Help me!  (Helft mir doch!)” the 18-year old young man cried.  For 50 minutes, he had been lying there bleeding to death, without medical assistance and without the guards leaving their hiding places.  Risking their lives, West Berlin policemen tried to throw first-aid packets to him, but he was too weak.  He was dying when he was at last carried away.  There was silence among the witnesses in East Berlin.  After another two hours, the probable murderer came out of the house.  “Murderer!” the West Berliners cried again and again, for hours.  Stones were thrown at vehicles with Soviet soldiers entering West Berlin.”


                50 years ago, Peter Fechter was more than a statistic.  He was a symbol of man’s inhumanity to man, of one of the saddest moments in 20th century history.


    Holy Paranoia Batman, "Union Thugs" Assail Mister Speaker

                Holy paranoia, Mister Speaker, so you think “they’re” out to get you because your mail isn’t delivered the next day; or because some of your signs are ripped down; or someone threatens to boycott a business with your sign out front.

                Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Mr. Speaker.

                In a lengthy article (must be more than a thousand words), the Concord Monitor Wednesday reported how Speaker Bill O’Brien is accusing “union thugs” of attempting to derail his primary campaign in the Mt. Vernon-New Boston area.

                O’Brien is engaged in a three-way race for two seats; one of his opponents is his former friends and chief of staff Bob Meade.

                Apparently, O’Brien is miffed because some of his mailing pieces have taken three days rather than two to arrive in the home of constituents.

                Stop the presses!

                Imagine the injustice, three days rather than two!

                How can this be?

                Horror or horrors!

                Of course, the Post Office isn’t required to deliver this class of mail even within three days, but there’s some sort of agreement that they treat political mailing as if it were first class mail.

                Three days is actually quite fast.  I remember waiting four or five days in the past, and guess what, I never complained about a conspiracy of “union thugs” out to get me.

                Mister Speaker, I once worked for the post office, and I’ve always had the greatest respect for the work they do in delivering our mail.  I can’t imagine any carrier or supervisor risking a job by tampering with the mail which would, after all, be a federal offense.

                Not since Joe Kelly Whatshizname accused Manchester carriers of trying to derail his campaign for alderman several years ago has anyone gone quite so public in a flight a paranoid panic to accuse the Postal Service of such abuse.

                Can it be the Speaker is worried about surviving this primary and is in the process of erecting straw horses on which to blame his defeat?

                As for signs being stolen, hey Mister Speaker, welcome to the real world.  I cannot remember a campaign in which signs have not been stolen.  One year I was running for Alderman (I never use signs for State Rep races) and someone pulled my signs down as fast as I could put them; one supporter actually called me to say my sign had just been ripped off his lawn.

                However, I never blamed “union thugs” are made a big deal of it as this Speaker is now doing.

                Hey, Mister Speaker, maybe you could set up a special House committee to investigate the U.S. Postal Service and those who steal signs in Mt. Vernon.  Maybe you could combine it with the grievance committee.

                The Speaker is also charging that “union thugs” are also threatening to boycott a Mt. Vernon general store unless the owner takes down pro-O’Brien signs.

                Hey, Mister Speaker, I always thought boycotts were in the great American spirit of free speech.  I dare say, Mister Speaker, you certainly didn’t have any problem when, in the spirit of free speech, Mike Hucksterbee rallied the forces of the right to eat at Chick-Fil-A.

                At a time when the country and the state faces serious problems, just a few days before we hit the 16 trillion deficit mark, here we have the Speaker of the New Hampshire House complaining that he’s being singled out by “union thugs” for unfair treatment.  And we have the Monitor devoting four columns of type to it (replete with lots of comments from…are you ready for this…His Vileness Himself).  The story even refers to O’Brien spokesperson Shannon Bettencourt refusing to return a call seeking comment.  I should hope she wouldn’t answer such a question.  The wife of the disgraced former Majority Leader D. J. Bettencourt is NOT O’Brien’s spokesperson; she is in fact the New Hampshire House media person being paid $45,000 a year not by candidate O’Brien but rather by the taxpayers of the state.  She certainly should not be serving as a spokesperson for any candidate, no matter how paranoid!

    But then how can I complain about wasted time and effort from the media, I’m reporting on it here, n’est-ce pas?

                Poor, baby, poor, poor baby, Mister Speaker.  Spray a little iodine on the boo-boo, and maybe the hurt will go away.