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Boorish Biden Bothers And Bewilders Bipartisans

Stop the campaign!
Democrats, if you care for one of your brethren in distress, you need to organize an intervention.
Vice President Joe Biden, aka the Delaware Dolt, has been diagnosed with a rare and perhaps fatal disease.  He needs to be rushed immediately to the nearest chapter of Smirkaholics Anonymous.  We can only hope it's not too late to save him.
Remove tongue from cheek and proceed.
Truth in Blogging Alert--Since he embarrassed himself in his 1988 Presidential run by stealing the life story of British Labor politician Neil Kinnick, Joe Biden has proven himself to be one of the most loathsome creatures--if not the worst--on the U.S. political scene.  I actually liked Barack Obama four years ago...until he chose the Delaware Dolt as his running mate, and that opened my eyes to his true colors.
Never in the history of Presidential or Vice Presidential debates has any one man proved to be so loathsome and malicious as Joe Biden last night.
As predicted here yesterday, the Lame Stream Media went out of its way to declare him the winner even as polls showed mixed results.  A CNN poll, for example, had Paul Ryan winning 48-44 and ahead in every conceivable category.  By a 60-57 margin, Ryan was deemed more qualified to become President, a telling margin indeed considering he was facing he sitting Vice President.
By a 53-43 margin, Ryan was deemed more likable.  (Yes, it's true, other polls showed mixed results).
My guess is that the numbers against Biden will only widen today and this weekend as the media (those not totally in the tank for Obama that is) shows more and more clips of Biden's boorish, petulant, juvenile, rude, smirky, contemptuous, and downright despicable behavior.
Do you get the impression I loathe this common (in more ways than one) Joe.
He's a disgrace to the office of Vice President, to team Obama, and to the entire political establishment.
I say this as a Republican who actually agrees more with Barack Obama's foreign policy and position on women's rights than with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Hey, I'm a Ron Paul Republican.  Not only should we be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014 but we should bring our troops home from around the world right now.  As I've noted here before, American foreign policy began engendering a hatred for us around the world starting when Dwight Eisenhower, in his worst move ever, sent Kermit Roosevelt to Iraq to overthrow the duly elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh (trust me on the spelling here), all because Churchill talked him into defending British Petroleum oil interests.
But, as usual, I digress...Try reading All The Shah's Men and your blood most likely will begin to boil.
But back to Biden.  The fact that he's right on foreign policy was lost in the barrage of his constant smiling and smirking, of interrupting Paul Ryan, of claiming that he wasn't being give enough time when in fact, he had--according to those who should know--about 90 seconds more time than Ryan to spread his socialist message.
Not only that, but the Delaware Dolt made at least four errors which are sure to come back to haunt team Obama in coming days.
Democrats were quick to call Mitt Romney a liar when he was in fact speaking the truth in the first debate
Last night, Biden out and out lied.
Lie number one--Biden looked at Paul Ryan and blamed him for running up the deficit by signing on to two wars which Biden claimed he opposed.  Fact check--Biden supported the wars.  Just how stupid does the Delaware Dolt think we are to actually believe he could get away with that whopper?!
Lie number two--Biden claimed that the administration wasn't aware of calls for increased security in Libya prior to the attack that left four Americans dead.  As we're learning in Congressional hearings now (despite much of the Lame Stream Media trying to cover up the story), the State Department certainly did know.  In fact, had the President been attending his daily intelligence briefings (rather than shooting another 18 holes or hobnobbing with Hollywood contributors), he would have known, and four lives could have been saved.
Lie number three deals with the Obamacare raid on Medicaid--you'll hear more about that in coming days.
Oh yes, lie number four is perhaps the biggest at all.  Ryan claimed--and rightly so--that revenues can actually be increased even as taxes are lowered.  Biden actually interrupted him three times to say--erroneously--that it simply could not be done.  Wrong!  It's been done three times in the past 50 years, by Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republicans Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.
Not only is the Delaware Dolt a disgrace, but he's tangle of lies.
Pundits, who claimed that Democrats were energized by the buffoon's reckless performance last night, better beware.  Polls among independents, women especially, are likely to show he did far more harm than good.
Biden, whose demeanor was among demeanest ever on display, has lit the bomb which may well blow up in Obama's face in the next fortnight. 
Anyone who wonders why there is so much animosity and gridlock in Washington need only review our Veep's performance last night.  In response to Paul Ryan at his most civil, Biden came across as a snarling old man more concerned with scoring cheap political points than with bettering the lives of all Americans.  He was like the old man next door who sits waiting by the window for a passing child to step on his grass, so he can charge out and yell, "Get off my lawn before I call the cops and have you throw in jail!"
Who was it who recently referred to Biden as "a body behind a grin"?
Whew!  I'm glad I got that off my chest.
I think it was Clint Eastwood...

Better Beware, BiBi

Here's a warning to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

With the Ides of October just a few days away, Beware, Bibi, Beware.


Because during his petulant debate rant last night, Vice President Joe Biden (aka the Delware Dolt) referred to the Prime Minister as his friend of 39 years.

Yes, this was the same Delaware Dolt who referred to Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan no fewer than 14 times as his friend.

Obviously when the Delaware Dolt refers to someone as a friend, what he really means is he hates the guy from every corner of his malicious dark heart.  He's the kind of Joe who'll call you "friend" while at the same time reaching with a knife to stab you in the back...if not the front.

Beware Bibi, be very much aware of "friends" like Biden the Buffoon.


Media Won't Let Biden Lose Tonight

Barack Obama's performance in last week's was so bad...
How bad was it?
It was so bad that even Democrats and his fellow travelers in the main stream media could conjure up enough chutzpah to claim he won...although there are reports that he thought he'd won when he left the about the power of personal deception.
The Demagogue in Chief was so wounded by the debate that you can be sure that Democrats and the media will not let Biden come off as a loser in tonight's debate.
The Delaware Dork (ooh, that's harsh) would have to come across as a total blithering idiot for Obama supporters (as are most in the media) to claim that he did anything less than hold Paul Ryan to a draw.  While Biden is capable than most of blithering at will, he certainly won't be that bad tonight.
What drama!
No, not about what will happen in the 90 minutes the two men are seated across from each other.
The drama is about how the media will spin this as a Biden victory.
Maybe, just maybe, Biden will trot out his line, "Osama bid Laden is dead and GM is alive."
If I were Paul Ryan's handlers, I'd have him ready with a comeback about how thanks to the incompetence of the Veep and his boss, there are--sadly--four good Americans dead in Libya today.
The way to win a debate is often not to go on the attack, but to be ready with such great comebacks that the attacker is left bloodied...kind of like a lawyer in a courtroom holding back his best facts until the witness opens himself or herself up.
For example, those in the punditocracy universe to a man (and woman) over the weekend accused Obama of being guilty of political malpractice by not bringing up Mitt Romney's line about 47 percent of Americans.
I beg to differ with those wise men, including Charles the Wise on Fox.
Had Obama fired that pitch, my guess is that Romney was laying in wait and would have hit it farther than that Yankee pinch hitting for ARod last night.
Romney could have said something like, "You know, Mr. President, we all say things we regret and I've already admitted that I regret saying that.  I was wrong.  But what about you, Mr. President, I don't recall you ever acknowledging you were wrong for talking about good people in Ohio and Pennsylvania cling to their guns and religion...I don't recall you apologizing for your pastor, the Reverend Wright, shouting 'God damn America!'...Nor do I recall you stepping back from your comment 'They didn't build it' about hard working American entrepreneurs...No, Mr. President, I could go on and one with things you've said, things I trust you wish you hadn't said...If that's the game you want to play, Mr. President, I've got a list of about ten more items...and that doesn't even get into your Vice President's comments."
Hey, if I can think up such a response, you can be sure hundred thousand dollar handlers were onto it!
Political malpractice indeed!  As far as I'm concerned, it would have been malpractice for Obama to set Romney up with the chance for such a response...and it'll be even more dangerous if the Delaware Dolt tried it tonight.
Paul Ryan need only look at Biden and point out, more in spirit of sadness than in anger, the litany of gaffes from this buffoon who somehow managed to rise to a heartbeat away from the Presidency.
Not that the Lame Stream Media will pay it any heed.
They have one mission tonight--to make sure Biden is perceived as getting at least a tie!

This Week's Trivia Question--Setting Murderers Free

As much as I'd like to say the answer to this question is Johnnie Cochran or Flea Bailey or Alan Dershowitz or the other less than honorable barristers who set a double murderer free, we have to go back a couple hundred years in American history for the answer.
First the question--
Which great figure in American history, while a lawyer, got a guilty man off free and ran into him years later on the street and upon being hailed as the man who saved his life, responded, "Ah!  Willis, poor fellow, I fear I have saved too many like you who ought to be hanged"?
Let's make it multiple choice.
A)   Future Congressman and President Abraham Lincoln
B)  Future Congressman, Senator and Secretary of State Daniel Webster
C)  Future Senator and Vice President John C. Calhoun
D)  Future U.S. House Speaker, Senator, and Secretary of State Henry Clay
E)  New Hampshire native (born in Cornish) future Ohio Governor, Senator, Secretary of Treasury, and Supreme Court Chief Justice (not to mention erstwhile abolitionist) Salmon P. Chase.
Alas I just finished reading a very difficult book (written by John Niven, 1995) on the life of Salmon P. Chase, a great man who ambition plagued his more noble efforts, but that's not the answer.
For the second week in a row, we look to Merrill D. Peterson and his bok "The Great Triumvirate" for the answer.  That book deals with Webster, Calhoun, and Clay, and for the second week in a row, the answer is Henry Clay.    Here's a further explanation from page 11, "By common report, not one of the accused murderers he defended, though their guilt was plain as day, was ever sentenced to the gallows.  In the case of Abner Willis, Clay, having won a new trial for the defendant on a technicality, turned around and pleaded double jeopardy to a jury that was like wax in his hands."
Johnny Cochran would be envious!  "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" indeed!
Only page 11--looks like we've got months and months of more Henry Clay trivia.  Did you know he survived a dual?
Ain't history fun?
Salmon P. Chase:  A BiographyThis is not the answer nor is it an easy book to read.
The Great Triumvirate
Herein lies the answer and a much more readable book by far!
Salmon P. Chase:  A BiographyThis is not the answer nor is it an easy book to read.
The Great Triumvirate
Herein lies the answer and a much more readable book by far!

Rasmussen Has New Hampshire Dead Even

Only a week after the WMUR/Granite State Survey (UNH) showed President Barack Obama with a 15 point lead over Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, Rasmussen is out with a poll showing the state dead even at 48-48 with three percent for other candidates and only one percent undecided.

A new UNH survey is out which cuts Obama's lead down to six points and there were indications that not all of the debate bounce was built into that survey, so we should expect Obama's lead to be less than that in a future UNH poll.

We are left with the conclusion that the 15 point UNH poll was due to being taken in the direct aftermath of Romney's damaging "47 percent" remarks.

It's amazing how a phrase or a single idea can turn votez in such fast track conditions as these.

What about the three percent going for "others" in the Ramussen poll.  Well, there are only two "others" on the New Hampshire ballot, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Viril Goode from the Constitution Party.  My guess is that more Libertarain votes would go to Romney than Obama, so Johnson could indeed cost Romney the state if it's a razor thin margin (the way Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the state and the Presidency in 2000).

Pollster still has New Hampshire in the Obama column (as part of his 263-206 lead).  Pollster has only Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia as toss-ups, and Romney would need to win all three to stop Obama.  However, if he won New Hampshire, he could then afford to lose Colorado!

Real Clear Politics has New Hamsphire back to a toss-up along with ten other states:  the usual suspects plus Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (which were for Obama) and Missouri and North Carolina which will most certainly go for Romney.  Obama's edge has narrowed to 217-181 with RCP, no surprise since RCP now has Romney up a full point in the national average (48.2-47.2).  Pollster still has Obama up, albeit by only 0.1 (46.9-46.8).

Rasmussen has Romney up one nationally (48-47) while Gallup has it back to even (48-48).

Rasmussen has other state polls today showing Romney closing.  He's down only two in Wisconsin (51-49) and is even at 47-47 in Nevada.  Rasmussen has Obama still  leading by five (51-46) in Pennsylvania.

Also potentially bad news for the GOP--for only the second time all year, Rasmussen has Democrats ahead, albeit by only one point (44-43) in this week's important generic Congressional ballot poll.  Republicans had led by six points or so much of the year.

Now we await Rasmussen numbers on the Ovide/Maggie race.  I suspect Ovide will be up three or four.