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Sad To Say They Both Can't Win

Many politicians, from both parties, truly have no business being in office; I would like nothing better than to see voters reject these frauds come November if not in next week's primary.  Many incumbents, who haven't even bothered to show up half the time, have the unmitigated gall to seek re-election.

I will name no names here; I'm sure you can guess who they are.

However, I am troubled by today's media reports that two candidates I like a great deal are involved in a down and dirty battle in Senate District 9, the new district which runs from Bedford all the west into Cheshire County.

I like Bedford State Rep. Ken Hawkins a great deal.  As a member of the Executive Departments and Administration Committee, he knows as much about pension reform as anyone in Concord.

I like former Senator Andy Sanborn a great deal.  He's a libertaran through and through, my kind of Republican.

It's truly a shame that they both cannot win.  It's truly a shame that this race has degenerated into a mud slinging contest.

Senator Sanborn had every right to move into this district; we are a mobile society and people tend to move around.  The Union Leader was wrong earlier when it suggested he was shopping around for a new district since his old one had been carved up.  Truth is the district was carved up only after he moved;  had he remained in Henniker, you can be sure Senate redistricting experts would have made his district more "Republican", and we could most have both Hawkins and Sanborn in the Senate.

Sad to say, that's not possible.  May the best man win.  Although  Democrats think they have a chance of capturing this seat in  November, I still rate it highly Republican.  Bedord, about the most Republican town in the state, has nearly half the people in the district, and it enjoys such a high turnout that it should overwhelm the more liberal or moderate communities to the west.

In my district (18  which icludes Manchester Wards five through nine and Litchfield), it's Gail Barry all the way running against Democrats wedded to big government, Donna Soucy the actual Democrat and Art Beaudry who is running an an independent but is still every bit the big tax and spender.



Lame American Media Ignores Historic Quebec Election

You wouldn't know it by watching American media, but yesterday's provincial election in Quebec could go down as one of the most historic days for voting in world history.

By an unexpectedly narrow margin, Quebecers elected their first woman premier, Pauline Marois of the Parti Quebecois (PQ) which is dedicated to removing Quebec from Canada.

However, the real story was --and we're not talking some Middle Eastern or Third World country here--that a 62 year old man crashed the Marois victory party shooting one person to death and injuring another.  We await further details as to whether the as yet unidentified man was in fact trying to gun down Marois.  Apparently he shouted--in less than perfect French--"The English are waking up."

Not that you'd know that by watching American media.

As I reported from Quebec over the weekend, feelings were running high with dirty tricks (including robocalls against the Liberals and rumors that Marois had sent her son to English-speaking Harvard--wow!) rampant in the final days.  I also alluded to reports on English radio stations that English fears were on the rise as the PQ seemed all but sure of winning.  There was much talk of some Anglophones looking for property in neighboring Ontario province.  One can only wonder how such wild rhetoric might have played into the shooting.  I'm not usually one to bring up such things, but you can be sure, Quebecers will be wondering about it.

As it turned out, the PQ captured only 54 of the 125 seats in the Quebec Parliament meaning that a minority government will be formed an most likely will not last long enough for Ms. Marois to beat the drums of separation.

The Liberals, riddled with corruption and given up for dead over the weekend, came on strongly election day (in fact, the PQ tends to do less well in actual vote total than pre-election polls) gaining 50 seats to 19 for the newly formed Coalition Avenir Quebec and two for Solidaire led by Leninist Separtist Amir Khadir who was re-elected.  (I actually witnessed two of his workers putting up a street sign in the Plateau region Sunday night).

Try as I might to get a report on American TV last night, all I could get was a crawl on Fox News around midnight.  Obsessed with running the same Democratic covention coverage over and over again, Fox not only failed to mention this major story out of Quebec all night but all morning as well--and I watched most of the morning.  Channel 9's morning news went with the briefest of stories imaginable.

One would think that with an election generating a murder, American media would run with the story big time even though it's only in a province (state) of the country to our north.

Raw vote totals seems to have been very close:  31.9% for the PQ, 31.2 % for the rejuvenaged Liberals of Jean Charest (who apparently lost his own seat by 100 votes in Sherbrooke), 27.1 % for the CAQ, 6.0% for Solidaire, and 3.8% other--not that you'd know any other that by watching American television.

I admit that as a regular visitor to Montreal, I care more about Quebec and Canadian elections than your run of the mill American, but this lack of coverage by U.S. media is simply ridiculous although, I suppose I should add that it's not unusual given the American media's fixation on covering only one story at a time.

A man in Colorado goes mad and blows up the crowd of a Batman movie, and it gets wall to wall 24 hour coverage.  Political murder in a great democracy to our north is ignored by the media, no wonder they are called LAME STREAM MEDIA.

Two good web sites for details are and, both in English.  I suspect the Toronto Globe and Mail and National Post will also be covering this.  Who knows?  Maybe Fox will even get around to it...if they can tear themsevles away from wall to wall coverage of pablum from Charlotte!


Ovide Flaunts Egomania With Commercial

Ovide LaMontagne will most likely win next week's GOP primary for governor, but if he does so, it will be in spite of, rather than because of the single TV ad he has chosen to run.

With extremely low turnout expected, anything could happen.  In fact, no one deserves to win the Republican primary.  We read about how Ovide has raised tons of money, but he's obviously not spending it on getting his message out to potenetial voters.  He must be resting on his laurels, on the inevitability factor.  Those who take voters for granted have been known the wake on the losing end the day after election day.

Ovide's single commericals is one of the worst imaginable.  "I am New Hampshire," he boasts like someone on a big ego trip.  Of all the people in the state, who does LaMontagne think he is to make such a claim?  He's never won an election, at least at the state level.  His incompetence in campaigning led to six years of Jeanne Shaheen, and now he has the nerve to claim that he is New Hampshire.

Ovide refuses to take a stand on any issues, almost as if he's afraid to tell people where he stands.  Rather, he goes with this weird commercial sylistically shot with strange camera angles, shots of road signs, or scene sets which tell us nothing of importance about the man except that he was born in New Hampshire and still lives here.

Maggie Hassan has run a series of commericials on the Democratic side; Jackie Cilley has broken new ground with her zombie ad; and Kevin Smith is on the air with some type of message.

Ovide's commercial is so bad it seems like it's intentionally meant to be bad.  I didn't notice this before because it fails to cut through the clutter, but a very powerful Republican pointed out to me how bad the spot was so I decided I'd better tak a look at it.

It's as bad as a spot can be, and one can only wonder what Ovide is doing with all the money he's raised.  Probably saving it for the general election which, if commercials were the criteria, he would never advance to.

Truth in blogging, I am not endorsing anyone in the Republican primary.  I will of course take a Republican ballot (after all, I need to vote for myself for State Representative), but the lack of choice at the top of the ticket is truly astounding. 

I note that the Concord Monitor has endorsed Jackie Cilley.  Were I a Democrat, I would vote for Jackie over Maggie The Dog Torturer Hassan.

Republicans can only hope that if Ovide survives the primary, he'll go to a new ad agency for his general election commercials.

"I am New Hampshire" is hardly the message we need to hear.  Tell us what you'll do for us, Ovide, not where you were born and grew up.


Holy Over Reaction; Durbin Goes Berserk

DateTuesday, September 4, 2012 at 07:47PM
Democrats have removed any reference to god (God) from their party platform and also have failed to note that Jerusalem in the legitimate capital of Israel.
No matter what you think of either position, apparently at least one party spokesperson, Senator Dick Durbin, has gone off the deep end over the changes.
When asked by the always gentlemanly Brett Baier on Fox News, Durbin immediately shifted into attack mode, suggesting that his questioner was trying to paint Democrats as godless.
Hey Senator, it was a simple question.  What is god (God) out completely after being in once in 2008 and as many as seven times in prior years?  A good answer would have been that the party believes in inclusion, in secularism which will solve problems for all Americans.  The fact that Durbin melted down with accusations rather than offer a thoughtful answer says more about Democrats in Charlotte this week than the actual exclusion.
As for the failure to mention Jerusalem, Durbin felt obliged to turn back the clock to 1948 when Democratic President Harry Truman was the first American president to recognize Israel.  Of course, Senator, he was the first President to recognize the newly formed nation; he was the only president we had at the time.
Clearly, this is Obama's platform, Obama as in the same man who has dissed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in the past year.  American Jews, more than three-quarters of whom voted for Obama four years ago, should think about not only the Jerusalem omission in the Democratic platform, but three other passages which could spell trouble for Israel (Charles the Wise--Krauthammer--has the details on Fox).
"They" say people don't read platforms any more, but this is hardly an auspicious start for the Democratic primary, especially after the Maryland Democratic governor admitted over the weekend that American people are worse off than they were four years ago and then Obama graded himself incomplete on handling the economy.  This is the same Obama who three years ago said he should be voted out of office if he couldn't fix the economy.
Bill Clinton will most likely save the Democrats once again.  He will not say controversial things about Obama as some pundits are predicting.  He's not only a consummate speaker, but he's also a consummate hack, and Democratic hacks don't criticize their Presidents at their conventions.
I think an extended bike ride from Manchester through Litchfield, Nashua, and Merrimack might be in order for Thursday evening.  Having survived an eight hour trip in Montreal, I'm ready to hit the road here locally.



Separtists Set To Retake Quebec

DateTuesday, September 4, 2012 at 07:31PM
When I left Montreal Labor Day evening, talk on the English radio station CJAD was of the separatist Parti Quebecois winning today's election but short of what it would take for majority control of the 125 seat Parliament.
Talk was of dirty tricks and strategic voting.
But with the polls set to close, the latest poll has the PQ at 36 seats, enough to capture 72 seats and a clear majority.  The Liberals have moved back into second place with 29 percent to 25 for the new Coalition Aventir Quebec (CAQ) party.
If results hold true to form, the separatists would be in control for the first time in nine years, but a sense of panic did not seem to be sweeping Quebec.  The PQ is pledged to hold a referendum hoping to create Quebec as its own nation, but all indications are that voters do not want that.  They are simply tired of a corrupt Liberal government, and CAQ leader Francois Legault (a former separatist) doesn't appear to be wearing well with voters.
The area north of Montreal and Quebec City could make the difference.  If the Liberals self-destruct, we'll see it on the island of Montreal where Liberal support has always been strongest (due to more English speakers and Allophones, those who speak other languages--there are many of them).
Liberals were charging the PQ with using dirty trick robocalls in a riding (district) in the Quebec City area.
Meanwhile, on CJAD an announcer was wondering the PQ leader Pauline Marois, if she wants to get rid of English schools in the province, has sent her child to Harvard.
The slur against the CAQ was that no fewer than 14 of its individual candidates have declared personal bankruptcy.
Wow!  Talk about U.S. politics being rough!
The English Montreal Gazette, usually a Liberal bastion, offered lukewarm support for the CAQ.  My waitress Saturday night seemed inclined to support the CAQ although she seemed more interested in talking about Mitt Romney's refusing to release more of his tax returns.  Hey, she agreed to take American money on a one to one basis, so I had to listen to her political views.  Actually, I enjoyed them.
Now if I could only find a channel carrying the Quebec results, I could miss night one of the Democratic convention.
I've picked up Gore Vidal's book Lincoln (it's 650 pages, the longest of his seven American history in fiction series), so I'll probably be able to miss the next two nights as well.
Life most certainly go on in Montreal after a PQ victory, just like there'll be life in the U.S. after an Obama re-election (538 has upped his chances of winning to 75-25 and his electoral total to 308-230; apparently the GOP convention bounce was only three points, less than half what Dick The Foot Fetishist was boasting about in advance).
As I took an eight hour bike ride across and around the island Saturday, politics left my mind completely (replaced by thoughts of soreness), and people out at play didn't seem to be thinking politically either.  I notice a lot of women with heads covered near the far side of the island which borders Laval, must be an Islamic community.
After failing to film for three days, I dug the camera out at midnight Sunday and got some great footage of the Night of Masks, the third of three balls for Fetish Festival weekend.  Hey, I turned in the Democratic convention and thought I was back at the Fetish Festival for a while (a woman with blue hair), NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.
I'll run the footage on next week's show.