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Did Letterman Bleep The Veep?

David Letterman, a graduate of the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda (Repeat the big lie often enough and people will believe it) if not of comedy, is certainly no friend of Republicans.

The CBS late night presence, perhaps best known for his disgusting rants against Sara Palin, apparently greeted Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan with a comment so vile that the CBS censors decided to bleep it out Monday night.

Yes, I admit it; watching Letterman is a guilty pleasure.  He's much funnier than the guy who forced Conan onto Turner TV.  Letterman can in fact be quite hilarious.  Even some of his political stabs, almost always aimed at Republicans, can be quite funny.

Yes, I'm a bit sick of the clip with Romney and the dog on the top of his car and the dancing horse--as I say, repetition is a hallmark of the Goebbels school of propaganda.

However, I'm fairly certain I detected a few words being bleeped out Monday night when Letterman went after Paul Ryan. 

Help me out here.

Am I the only one who caught this?

Did Letterman in fact utter something so vile that even his CBS master would not allow it to be aired?

Or was my dish simply on the fritz for those two seconds?

I think not.

Wouldn't it be refreshing it Letterman spread his humor around by attacking a few Republicans from time to time?  Hey, Dave, try taking a shot at the Vice Buffoon, aka the embarrassment known as our Vice President.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan cheers as he listens to Mitt Romney speak during a campaign stop in Mooresville, North Carolina on August 12, 2012. UPI/Nell Redmond . 
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Published: Aug. 14, 2012 at 2:15 PM

NEW YORK, Aug. 14 (UPI) -- David Letterman mocked Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan with a special Top 10 list on "Late Show" in New York.

Letterman read "Little-Known Facts About Paul Ryan" during Monday's edition of his late-night chat show.

It went as follows --

10. He's only the 32nd white guy to become Republican vice presidential nominee.

9. Was runner-up on Season 3 of "The Bachelorette."

8. Always shampoos once, conditions twice.

7. Got his start in Congress as John Boehner's tanning boy.

6. Claims to be "a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets."

5. Like the rest of America, wonders what [Republican presidential candidate Mitt] Romney is hiding in his tax returns.

4. Has a good feeling about this Jennifer Aniston marriage working out.

3. Eats nothing but plants, berries and small turtles.

2. Even before working at Oscar Meyer, had reputation for "driving the weinermobile."

1. Born in Kenya.

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Remembering Peter Fechter 50 Years Later

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  • Friday, August 17, marks the 50th anniversary of what, at least to me, stands out as the saddest moment in Cold War history.

                It was on that day in 1962, barely a year after the Berlin Wall went up, that Peter Fechter, a young East Berliner who in an attempt to escape from the prison walls of the DDR, was shot by border guards and allowed to bleed to death within shouting distance of American guards at Check Point Charlie.

                20 years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the cruel even, I was living in Berlin and made a pilgrimage to the spot where Peter Fechter was killed.  I filmed it and will feature the segment on next week’s Liberty Express (Monday 10 p.m. on Manchestertv23 with rebroadcasts Thursday at 9 p.m., Sunday at 6 a.m. and noon; always available at

                Stalin spoke of the death of one person being a tragedy while the death of millions is merely a statistic.

                I guess that’s why I’ve always felt a special poignancy when I think of Peter Fechter lying there bleeding to death while Americans, fearing a Cold War “incident”, did nothing to help him.

                Very near the site where Peter Fechter was killed was the publishing home of ultra right winger Axel Spring.  In fact, one could say that Peter Fechter was killed in the shadow of the Springer building.

                Also nearby is the Wall Museum (I assume it’s still standing today) which tells the sad story of deaths which occurred at the Wall.

                “Es Geschah an der Mauer” (“It Happened at the Wall”) is a fantastic booklet which was available at the museum.  Tattered and torn from overuse these days,

    it’s probably the most important book I have.

                In four languages, the story of Peter Fechter is told.

                Here’s the English version from the book, accompanied by graphic pictures.


                “Peter Fechter.  “Help me!  (Helft mir doch!)” the 18-year old young man cried.  For 50 minutes, he had been lying there bleeding to death, without medical assistance and without the guards leaving their hiding places.  Risking their lives, West Berlin policemen tried to throw first-aid packets to him, but he was too weak.  He was dying when he was at last carried away.  There was silence among the witnesses in East Berlin.  After another two hours, the probable murderer came out of the house.  “Murderer!” the West Berliners cried again and again, for hours.  Stones were thrown at vehicles with Soviet soldiers entering West Berlin.”


                50 years ago, Peter Fechter was more than a statistic.  He was a symbol of man’s inhumanity to man, of one of the saddest moments in 20th century history.


    Holy Paranoia Batman, "Union Thugs" Assail Mister Speaker

                Holy paranoia, Mister Speaker, so you think “they’re” out to get you because your mail isn’t delivered the next day; or because some of your signs are ripped down; or someone threatens to boycott a business with your sign out front.

                Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Mr. Speaker.

                In a lengthy article (must be more than a thousand words), the Concord Monitor Wednesday reported how Speaker Bill O’Brien is accusing “union thugs” of attempting to derail his primary campaign in the Mt. Vernon-New Boston area.

                O’Brien is engaged in a three-way race for two seats; one of his opponents is his former friends and chief of staff Bob Meade.

                Apparently, O’Brien is miffed because some of his mailing pieces have taken three days rather than two to arrive in the home of constituents.

                Stop the presses!

                Imagine the injustice, three days rather than two!

                How can this be?

                Horror or horrors!

                Of course, the Post Office isn’t required to deliver this class of mail even within three days, but there’s some sort of agreement that they treat political mailing as if it were first class mail.

                Three days is actually quite fast.  I remember waiting four or five days in the past, and guess what, I never complained about a conspiracy of “union thugs” out to get me.

                Mister Speaker, I once worked for the post office, and I’ve always had the greatest respect for the work they do in delivering our mail.  I can’t imagine any carrier or supervisor risking a job by tampering with the mail which would, after all, be a federal offense.

                Not since Joe Kelly Whatshizname accused Manchester carriers of trying to derail his campaign for alderman several years ago has anyone gone quite so public in a flight a paranoid panic to accuse the Postal Service of such abuse.

                Can it be the Speaker is worried about surviving this primary and is in the process of erecting straw horses on which to blame his defeat?

                As for signs being stolen, hey Mister Speaker, welcome to the real world.  I cannot remember a campaign in which signs have not been stolen.  One year I was running for Alderman (I never use signs for State Rep races) and someone pulled my signs down as fast as I could put them; one supporter actually called me to say my sign had just been ripped off his lawn.

                However, I never blamed “union thugs” are made a big deal of it as this Speaker is now doing.

                Hey, Mister Speaker, maybe you could set up a special House committee to investigate the U.S. Postal Service and those who steal signs in Mt. Vernon.  Maybe you could combine it with the grievance committee.

                The Speaker is also charging that “union thugs” are also threatening to boycott a Mt. Vernon general store unless the owner takes down pro-O’Brien signs.

                Hey, Mister Speaker, I always thought boycotts were in the great American spirit of free speech.  I dare say, Mister Speaker, you certainly didn’t have any problem when, in the spirit of free speech, Mike Hucksterbee rallied the forces of the right to eat at Chick-Fil-A.

                At a time when the country and the state faces serious problems, just a few days before we hit the 16 trillion deficit mark, here we have the Speaker of the New Hampshire House complaining that he’s being singled out by “union thugs” for unfair treatment.  And we have the Monitor devoting four columns of type to it (replete with lots of comments from…are you ready for this…His Vileness Himself).  The story even refers to O’Brien spokesperson Shannon Bettencourt refusing to return a call seeking comment.  I should hope she wouldn’t answer such a question.  The wife of the disgraced former Majority Leader D. J. Bettencourt is NOT O’Brien’s spokesperson; she is in fact the New Hampshire House media person being paid $45,000 a year not by candidate O’Brien but rather by the taxpayers of the state.  She certainly should not be serving as a spokesperson for any candidate, no matter how paranoid!

    But then how can I complain about wasted time and effort from the media, I’m reporting on it here, n’est-ce pas?

                Poor, baby, poor, poor baby, Mister Speaker.  Spray a little iodine on the boo-boo, and maybe the hurt will go away.


    Democrats, Be Careful What You Wish For

    There on one of the hottest most humid days of the summer was the Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic party, yes that would be Mr. Buckley (Ray, not William F. Jr.), decked out with an undershirt showing through his shirt as Channel 9 filmed his reaction to Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate.

    Raybo loved it, but my first reaction was, "Hey, what's with the undershirt in Mid-August, Raybo?"

    I jest.

    Seriously, both Democrats and Republicans everywhere seemed overjoyed with the choice of Ryan.

    For once, rather than viewing their comments as an effort at spin control, I actually think both may have stumbled into an honest response.  Hey, strange things do happen, especially in such heat that no one should be wearing an undershirt.

    Philosophically, Paul Ryan is an outstanding choice.  Rush Limbaugh today was asking when the last time you've heard a Republican speak up for free enterprise and individual liberty.  I speak up like that every week on The Liberty Express, my TV show on Manhchester 23 (, so there can be no doubt that I am extremely pleased with Paul Ryan.  For the past few years, I've been saying that the tea party is about the only thing standing between this country and ruination along the lines of Greece.  We cannot continue to run up trillions of dollars in debt; we must face that fact, no matter how unpleasant or how politically unappealing it is.

    Ray Buckley will never admit that.

    Kathy the S will never admit that.

    Debbie Wasserman the S will never admit that nor will the Demagogue in Chief or his veep.

    Democrats prefer to continue to scare voters in an attempt to pander their way through the next election cycle, kind of like fiddling while Rome burns.

    Paul Ryan will not pander; he will not fiddle.

    However, therein lies the political problem.

    Are Americans ready for the truth?  I fear not.  That's why, although I like Paul Ryan a great deal, I would have preferred a less combustible (targetable?) choice for Veep.  As I wrote here last Friday, Marco Rubio would most likely have brought Florida's 29 electoral votes and given Romney a shot in four critical southwestern states.

    Ryan not only most likely will fail to deliver Wisconsin, but by the time Democrats are done spending millions running their granny from the cliff ads, Florida and the election could be lost.

    No wonder Raybo was overjoyed (he must have a case of the summer chills, dressed like that).

    However, perhaps...just perhaps...Paul Ryan will not be so easy to demonize.  He comes across as the most natural unaffected politician on the scene today--that is to say, he's totally likable not at all the kind of person easy to portray with blood dripping from his lips (although he has managed to captrure that Eddie Munster look--Butch Patrick take note; there may be a TV reprise for you these next few months--if he's still alive).

    I had written the debates off as most likely to produce more of the usual pablum and series of stock answers, but the Ryan choice means we just might get to a substantive look at issues prior to November.  Only by looking at issues and facing our problems head on can this country be saved.

    Thus, on second thought, I'm inclined to thank Mitt Romney for this choice. 

    It would not have been my choice, but then with millions of dollars behind his campagin, Romney must certainly have had polling data indicating this was the way to go. 

    Thus, for the second time in a week, the admonition "be careful what you wish for" comes to mind.

    This time, it's be careful what you wish for, Raybo, Barack, et al.

    Oh by the way, I always loved The Munsters...poor Fred Gwynne in that Herman costume, that comic genius Al Lewis, and Yvonne deCarlo in her best role ever...alas poor Marilyn!

    If Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan has his way, it could be alas poor Raybo, alas poor Barack.

    At least...we can hope.


    William F. Buckley At His Ugliest--And Granny From The Cliff

    I've always been a fan of both William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal, two great intellects who have now slipped the mortal coil, Bill (if his faith allows) to the after life, Gore back to dust from which we all (if his belief holds) come.

    Thus, I was stunned when in an attempt to discover a funny moment from their 1968 banter of ABC-TV convention coverage, I discovered Buckley at his ugliest.

    I was looking for the impish Vidal admonition, "Don't stick your tongue out at me Bill."

    Rather, I found, a vulgar Buckley, losing an argument with Vidal over the Vietnam War, resorting to physical threats against Gore.  He threatened to beat up the glib author and intellectual, but not only that, quite clearly Buckley referred to Vidal using the Q word, the equivalent of calling a black person the N word.  Buckley, before millions of viewers, called Gore Vidal a queer.  It wasn't just a slip of the tongue either, but an out and out slur.  Ah yes, the glory of live television.  No wonder I remembered the convention coverage and preferred ABC to either Walter or Huntley-Brinkley (not an easy thing for me since the only ABC Channel we got--Mt. Washington Channel 8--was rather snowy).

    The last refuge of a tongue-tied losing debater to to name call and threat violence.

    I never remembered Bill Buckley as such a thug.

    Apparently, Vidal brought out the worst in the Yalie.  Of course, Vidal also engaged in a bit of name albeith not as vile.  He called Buckley a "pro crypto Nazi."  As I've always said, "If the swastika fits, wear it."

    Sieg Heil!

    I learned all of this as I ran the clip on this week's edition of The Liberty Express which first airs Monday night on Manchestertv 23, then reairs Thursday at 9 p.m. and next Sunday at 6 a.m. and noon.  By Friday, the show will be up on  The boorish Buckley moment comes about midway through the hour.

    If you can't wait to see it, just google Buckley Vidal 1968 debates.  That's what I did.

    The clip runs about 70 seconds; it's not the best quality, but then it was in the grainy days of 1968.

    In honor of the Paul Ryan veep selection, I've also located the Throw Granny of the Cliff ad which we are sure to see a lot of the next 90 days.  I run that and offer commentary on why Ryan was both a good and bad choice for Romney--good philosophically, politically a potential disaster in the making.

    Here, try this.  Ain't technology grand?  Enough to destoys those we've long worshipped as heroes.!

    William Buckley Vs Gore Vidal - YouTube 15, 2007 - 1 min - Uploaded by lliberopoulou
    This is the well know incident between William Buckley and Gore Vidal that occurred during ABC's coverage ...

    William Buckley vs Gore Vidal 1968 debate 18, 2006 - 2 min
    A 1968 debate between Gore Vidal and William Buckley where Buckley is called a "pro crypto-Nazi" by ...