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Susanthe Proves She's A Humorless Piece of Left Wing Loonie Trash

Unable to come up with any real news of her own, the venomous and vile susanthe of the blueblogbigots has taken to reproducing scoops as reported here.

The only problem is that like most blueblogbigots, like most left wing loonies in fact, she totally lacks a sense of humor.  Not only does she use the material that you get first here and nowhere else, she insists that I am living in a delusional world when I comment about being the press secretary for the next governor.

Hey  susanthe...I resist the temptation to use the type of words Rush or your own left wing Dreamboat Bill Maher has I'll settle for a mild are a moron.  You are a humorless bufoon...or is it humorless baboon.

IT'S A JOKE...YOU STUPID WOMAN (if indeed you are a woman; how could one tell when one hides behind a mask...remember George Eliot was man...)

Just like Barney Frank wanting to move to the Cape so he could spend more time in a joke.

Just like Rick Santorum believes life beings at a joke.

Just like it's a joke when I say being speaker would be a step down for Uber Ober.

When I write about the press secretary position (as I do time and again now to punctuate the joke), I am not serious.  Everyone on Terra Firma seems to get that except the humorless blugblogbigoter!!

The saddest thing known to man or left wing loonie woman is not to steal other people's material (although that is quite sad especically when she urges people to visit my blog but refuses to tell here readers how to get here), no, no, the saddst thing is to be so totally without a sense of humor that your are ashamed to use your real name.

Susanthe is a typical liberal piece of trash...perhaps the Union Leader or the blueblogbigots will take me to task for saying that as much as they take Raybo to task for the baboon/bufoon comment about the Speaker(perfectly acceptable free speech as far as I'm concerned...just as it was perfectly acceptable when Levasseur stumbled into the truth with his pig comment about kathythes).  I continue to avoid the C word or the S word...I'm too much of a gentleman and a realist for that...but I do repeat...

Susante is a moronic piece of left wing loonie humorless trash!


Governor Vetoes House Redistricting; Signs Senate Plan


     New Hampshire Insider is prepared to report exclusively (or first at least) that Governor John Lynch, as widely expected, has vetoed the House redistricting plan, but that he has signed the less controversial Senate redistricting plan.

     This was the final day the Governor had to make up his mind on the bills.  Some thought he would let the Senate plan become law without a signature, but perhaps to curry good will with senators on battles yet to come, he decided to sign what was a totally constitutional plan, one that I spoke in favor of on the House floor.

        The House plan is another matter entirely.  Remember that the House approved the plan only after Speaker Bill O'Brien cajoled, coerced (some would say bullied) Republican House members to back off an acceptable compromise plan a month ago and ram through a clearly unconstitutional plan which Pelham, Concord, and Manchester have all threatened to sue over should it become law.

          All Manchester Representatives stand ready to vote to sustain the veto (that's 21 Republicans of 26-30 which would be neeeded to sustain the veto, depending on attendance the day the House takes up the veto).  Pelham and Concord each have only one Republican Rep (Blankenbecker of Concord earlier sided with O'Brien over her city).

          Even if the House fails to sustain the Lynch veto, it was shy of a vetoproof majority by one vote when it passed the Senate.




For Immediate Release:                                              Contact: Colin Manning

Friday, March 23, 2012                                              (603) 271-2121

                                                                                  (603) 361-4459 (cell)

Gov. Lynch's Vetoes HB 592; Signs SB 201 

CONCORD – Gov. John Lynch today vetoed House Bill 592, the House redistricting plan. Also today, Gov. Lynch signed into law Senate Bill 201, the redistricting plan for the New Hampshire Senate. The Governor’s veto message for HB 592 follows:

By the authority vested in me, pursuant to part II, Article 44 of the New Hampshire Constitution, on March 23, 2012, I vetoed HB 592.

The New Hampshire Constitution provides that the House of Representatives shall be “founded on the principles of equality, and representation therein shall be as equal as circumstances will admit.”  Consistent with this provision, in 2006, the citizens of New Hampshire overwhelmingly adopted a constitutional amendment that further enshrined the principle of equal representation by providing each town and city ward a representative with sufficient population to warrant one.

The right to vote is central to our democratic government.   But that right is meaningless unless equal representation is assured when citizens vote.  I am vetoing HB 592 because it violates the constitutional principle for equal representation and local representation; it is inconsistent in its treatment of similarly situated towns and wards, and it unnecessarily changes the boundaries of existing districts.

The population of New Hampshire based on the 2010 census is 1,316,470.  A straight division into 400 districts yields an ideal population per district of 3,291.  Under federal and state law, towns and wards that equal or are within 5 percent of this ideal population are entitled to their own representative.  Based on the 2010 census, there are 152 towns and wards in New Hampshire that qualify for their own representative.

HB 592 denies a total of 62 New Hampshire towns and wards their own seats in the House.  For example, the towns of Atkinson, Hudson, Meredith, and Pelham all have sufficient population under state and federal constitutional standards to have their own representative, but all are denied their own representative under the House-approved plan.  This is completely contrary to what the citizens of New Hampshire called for in the state constitutional amendment adopted in 2006. 

Another significant flaw with the House-approved redistricting plan is that it unnecessarily breaks-up cities and wards.

For example, in Manchester, the state’s largest city, HB 592 combines Wards 8 and 9 with the town of Litchfield.  Pelham will again share its representatives with Hudson.  Strafford will share a representative with New Durham.  And Concord’s Ward 5 will now be made part of a district that includes the Town of Hopkinton.  The leaders and governing bodies of each of these communities have expressed their strong opposition to HB 592, noting that it unnecessarily and unconstitutionally dilutes local representation, and have asked me to veto this bill.

As the Board of Mayor and Alderman in Manchester has expressed, “this is not a partisan issue.”  “Local municipal budgets are separate, schools are in different districts, police officers and firefighters . . . belong to different departments and station houses.”  The same is true in Pelham, Concord, Strafford and all of the towns and wards affected in this manner by HB 592.

Supporters of HB 592 have argued that in crafting a redistricting plan, the legislature must balance the one-person-one-vote principle enshrined in the federal constitution with the requirements for local representation as required by the state constitution.  But satisfaction of federal requirements does not require abandonment of the principles of the New Hampshire Constitution.  The House-passed plan unnecessarily breaks-up towns and wards.

One of the unique advantages to living in New Hampshire is the ability of citizens to encounter his or her state representative in their daily activities – at the grocery store, in a house of worship, or walking main street.  HB 592 undermines that very special quality of life in New Hampshire and the critical component of representative local democracy that is expressed in a commonality of interest among a community’s citizens.  for all of these reasons, I have vetoed HB 592. 

I urge the House to take up my veto quickly in order to allow time for alternative plans to be brought forward, or for litigation in the event of the absence of agreement on a constitutional plan.  The House was presented with alternative plans by members of both political parties that would go further to satisfy the requirement for equal representation and fairness.  There is still time before the candidate filing period to enact redistricting legislation that will assure equal voting rights of all New Hampshire citizens.



The Better Gambling Option (Gatsas Plan) Will Be Debated This Week

            Having slain the beast known as same sex marriage repeal, the New Hampshire House faces an equally daunting task as we hit crossover day this coming week.

That’s the day when the House and Senate must be rid of all their bills, so the bills can go across the hall to the other body for action in April in order to set committee of conferences in motion for May.

            By reading the headline here, you know the one remaining issue which has been delayed time and again is gambling.

            It’s House Bill 593 and since it comes under the Ways and Means Committee, it most likely will be debated at the very end of the day.  The House takes up bills in alphabetical order by committees, so unless the bill is moved up in the calendar, action could actually be delayed until Thursday (officially the final day to “cross over”)

            By a 14-7 vote, the Ways and Means Committee is recommending ought to pass on a slots/casino proposal.  Republican Gary Azarian has penned the majority report.  Republican David Hess has written a very lengthy minority report opposing gambling.

            Even though the committee vote was 14-7, my guess would be that the bill will fail on the floor.  This is always an issue which splits both parties; passions run deep both for and against gambling on both sides.  As with the gay marriage repeal, action on the House floor is really rather irrelevant since Governor John Lynch assures us he will veto any plan which comes forward, and chances of a two-thirds majority for an override are as close to zero as one could get.

            If you want to read the committee reports, they are on-line on page 1514 of the House calendar.  The committee amendment starts on page 593, but don’t stop there by any means.

            As I’ve reported here previously, I have nothing against people wasting their money any way they see fit, including via gambling.  However, as with most other libertarians, I am hesitant to allow certain monopolies to step forth and receive what basically amounts to a license to print money while the state is left with a much smaller amount than it really deserves.

            Thus, I have offered a floor amendment.  It’s basically the old Ted Gatsas plan named for the former Senate President and current Manchester mayor.  Rather than having the state sell out interests to certain monied interests (the Ways and Means plan, also known as the D’Allesandro plan), the Gatsas plan would have the state run the facilities, leasing space from businesses which would keep a much smaller percentage of the profits.  The up front costs to the businesses are much less; a bidding process would be involved; there would more facilities and they would be limited to a fewer number of machines.

            I’ve always viewed this as a better option—less change of corruption to the political process; more monies for the state.

            Whether or not the Ways and Means Amendment, the bill will be open to further amendments, and that’s when I’ll offer the “Gatsas plan”.

            The plan was presented to House Finance last session and then Chair Marjorie Smith, a Durham Democrat opposed to gambling, commented that while she didn’t support the plan, it was the best gambling plan to come forward.

            I also presented it earlier this year to both the Constitutional Review Committee and to Ways and Means, so there can be no question that this is a germane amendment.

            It was fully vetted by former Attorney General Phil McLaughlin.

            Truth be told, I expect it will fail, and no gambling plan will cross over to the Senate.

            But then, I’ve been wrong before…not on gay marriage repeal….I nailed that prediction, but I’m still scraping the Governor Gatsas egg off my face.


Gene Chandler vs. Uber Ober For Speaker?

We haven't even got an approved redistricting plan yet.

The filing period for state offics in more than two months away.

The election is more than seven months away, but the race for Speaker of the New Hampshire House is already taking shape.

Assuming that Republicans do not maintain their nearly three to one advantatge, odds are that Bill O'Brien will not be back as Speaker next December.

In fact, Democats are targeting O'Brien hoping to defeat him in his race for re-election in the Mt. Vernon/New Boston area.  Remember that there was a special election there to fill the seat Bob Mead vacated, and Democrat Jennifer Daler (a fantastic person, super intelligent, albeit much more liberal than I am; she sits near me) won handily.

Thus, there is no guarantee that O'Brien will even be back in the House.

This blog has learned that a race between former Speaker Gene Chanlder, from Bartlett, and Lynn Ober, the Uber Ober from Hudson, is shaping up should O'Brien not return.  Both have told others that they will run only if O'Brien is defeated in November, but I suspect that once we see how many seats Republicans lose in the election, either one or both will stand ready to challenge a re-elected O'Brien (if in fact he chooses to run again).

As in the past, should I decide to run and be re-elected (I'm still hoping to be press secretary for the next governor...are you listening Teddy?), I will enthusiastically support Gene Chandler.

I have served under five Speakers now, and Gene Chandler is by far the best of all.  Donna Sytek ran the House well but I often disagreed with her behind the scenes maneuverings.  Doug Scamman was pathetic.  Terie Norelli is looking better and better in retropsect but only because Bill O'Brien is such an absolute disaster (bully, despot, you name it, that is he...but don't take my word for it...ask Susan Emerson).

O'Brien has named Uber Ober Vice Chair of Finance, Chair of the Special Education Committee, and now Chair of Municipal and County Government, thus violating every precept of what I believe in--we should all be treated multiple committee chair assignments for anyone, no matter how talented!! My newest joke is that being Speaker would be a step down for Uber Ober.

She is unable to control herself and constantly speaks out of turn, often aggravating Finance Division I Chair Bill Belvin.  

She is hardly a fiscal conservative, merely a government enabler on a slightly less virulent scale than Demorats.

She is every bit the control freak that O'Brien is.

(Truth in blogging, her husband Rep. Russ Ober is one of my very favorite people).

I have come to distrust Lynn Ober completely.  For example, there is a House rule against calling the question at the committee level.  When two of us pointed this out to Finance Chair Key Weyler a few days ago, citing Clerk Karen Wadsworth as a source, Ober called the Clerk and proceeded to mistake the rule.  I have since received a written copy of it to hand out to everyone.

Bottom line is that if Uber Ober would, either deliberately or out of ignorance, misreprsent a simple rule, she's certainly creat havoc as Speaker.

Run, Gene, Run...the House needs your grace, humility, and ability.


From Checkpoint Charlie To Sachsenhausen (Plus Hutchenspielers)


Hutchenspieler in Berlin




  •      Checkpoint Charlie scenes

                Remember the German word hutchenspiel? 

                I’ve used it on the House floor more than once in the past. 

                Hut is hat; hutchen is little hat; spielen is to play.  Put them all together in the typical German fashion of word creation and you get play the little hat game.

                In English, we call it the old shell game in which a pea is placed under three shells which are moved around so quickly (the hand being quicker than the eye) as to fool someone who gambles on the game.

                When I was living in Berlin, gangs of non-Germans (Auslanders), usually Yugoslavs or Turks at the time I was there...not that there's anything wrong with that, would roam the streets from the Kudamm to Alexanderplatz luring unsuspecting natives and tourists into wasting their money on Hutchenspiel  It was totally illegal, so the players moved from place to place rather quickly to avoid Berlin police.

                As someone who has always enjoyed filming dangerously (I was once thrown out of the Seabrook Greyhound Park parking lot for filming license plates to prove to House members that a majority of patrons there were out of staters), I set about filming the Hutchenspielers from time to time.

                They were never happy, but I managed to catch their illegal game for a few seconds, and I feature the footage on this week’s “The Liberty Express” which airs Thursday at 9 p.m., Sunday at noon, Monday at 10 p.m., and Tuesday at 11 p.m. on Manchestertv23 (always available on line at

                The shell game moments are part of a half hour I call “From Checkpoint Charlie to Sachsenhausen”.

                Checkpoint Charlie, as most will recall, was the crossing point from the American into the Soviet sector of divided Berlin.  I filmed the spot after the wall came down and visited the place 50 or so yards away where, within view of American guards in 1962, a young East German named Peter Fechter, trying to flee to the West, was allowed to bleed to death after being shot by East Berlin vopos (police, Volkspolizei).

                Even more gruesome is Sachsenhausen, the site of a concentration camp in the town of Oranienburg, only 20 or so kilometers north of Berlin.

                From Cold War to Nazi history, we’ll look at some sad spots (with appropriate short historical readings) on this week’s show, and The Hutchespielers are there as well.

                Last week’s Liberty Express is still available on line.  That’s the one featuring 60s satirist Tom Lehrer, and I just heard on the radio that not only is Tom Lehrer still alive, but he’ll be performing in Manchester (some place on Hanover Street) on March 31.


                Next week’s Liberty Express will feature speeches on the gay marriage debate on the floor of the New Hampshire House.  No, I won’t offer the entire debate.  In fact, the speeches will be from only one side.  I’m sure you can guess which one—hey it’s my show; if you want to broadcast the pro repeal side, start your own show.

                The best speech I’ve heard in years was from first term Manchester Republican Rep Cameron DeJong, part of a trio of outstanding new Reps from Ward 2.  Mike Ball and Win Hutchinson also spoke. 

                A new hero for the gay marriage side emerged in the form of West Side Republican Tammy Simmons.  She was fantastic and perhaps even more emotional than I was...not that there's anything wrong with that.  I’ll also feature Bedford Republican Keith Murphy’s remarks and probably my own as well.

                Thus, after the somber wanderings around Berlin this week, next week’s Liberty Express out of studio segment will be a celebration of joy at the progress our society has made.