Mouse Click Killers

Mouse Click Killers is the name given to the new sport of Internet hunting. A fade started in January 2005 by John Lockwood in Texas has been causing great debates across the nation. In many states including NH, this activity has been banned long before most even knew its existence and had a chance to decide for themselves if this activity was something that should be deemed illegal. Internet hunting is an activity in which for a nominal fee, people can sign up online and using their mouse and computers aim a computer controlled hunting rife at targets or in some cases live animals and shoot live rounds.

For many people, picking up a gun and hiking into the woods to hunt is something the can choose to do but for some it isn’t an option. Handicapped people partially paralyzed or bound to wheelchairs do not have the luxury many of us do. For them, some who before an accident or before an illness found hunting to be a release or enjoyment, use Internet hunting as a way to reclaim that loss. Others who never had the chance to hunt use this as a way to try to lead a normal life and do things normal people would do. That right has been stripped of them.

Now before I get 50 people yelling about animals shot in the middle of the woods of NY by people in NY or CA. If the animals were being left there to rot that would be a crime and I could understand if the legislators made it illegal for sites running this activity to leave animals dead and rotting but that isn’t the case. The animals are prepared and shipped off to the hunter or in some cases used to feed homeless people in the areas where the Internet hunts are allowed.

So in my opinion, the state’s outlawing of this activity is doing nothing more then punishing the handicapped and creating another victimless crime. I’m interested in hearing what you think.