NH Halloween Haunts

As we get closer to Halloween thoughts of ghost stories fill the minds of the young at heart or superstitious and New England is lucky to abound in rich myths, and tales.

Over the years I've taken the time to visit places thought to be haunted and I just can't get enough.  When I was younger, my friends and I would go on ghost hunts visiting locations written about in books or talked about in rumor.  I remember one night we snuck into a cemetery in upstate NY in hopes of seeing a statue cry blood during the full moon.  Unfortunately I've never seen anything unexplainable even though that night in the cemetery caused us to get so freak out that everyone ran off at one point because of a rustlings in the woods leading to all of us scattering and hiding, even my cousin hiding underneath my old Camero.  I have however collected a great deal of stories and found a great deal of "real" haunted locations here in NH so I thought I'd share a couple stores and locations with you all for those seeking spooky places to go.

I'll start with my own home which was written up once already on old house web.  I purchased a house in northern Merrimack which dates back to at least 1763 as there are tax records going back that far.  When we first purchased it, the sellers statement disclosed as one of it's problems that it has spiritual activity.  When I asked what that meant they said the house is well known in town as the "haunted house" and there are stories of a woman in a blue dress to have been seen in the house.  I've been in the house a couple years now and I have not seen such a woman although my kids claim to.  I personally find it funny that nearly everyone I spoke to who's lived in town for more then 20 or 30 years all seem to know at least one story associated with my house.

Moving around the rest of New Hampshire, it has dozens of other haunted locations, each of which I could write an entire article on in and of itself.  For those adventurous soles looking to brave an afternoon at a real haunted restaurant or location there is a website that has compiled a list of known haunts in NH, ShadowLands which you can find by clicking here.  They list everything from the Blue Lady of Vale Cemetery in Wilton to the ghosts of Hesser College.  Even a couple NH Middle Schools have ghosts according to the list (people the local school boards taxed to death?).

Even though when the thought of witch trials in the United States comes up everyone thinks instantly of Salem, MA, New Hampshire also had it's own witch trials.  This is a story I will share in a future article.

I would love to hear others sharing their scary tales to help get us all into the Halloween spirit (and talking about all the new laws Democrats are thinking up for next year doesn't count regardless of how scary they are).