Republican View of the Democrat Race

I'm a Republican and I've already picked my horse in the Republican race (Ron Paul). My wife however is a Democrat so I have had just as much a chance to follow the Democratic primary race as I have the Republican. Given this, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to sit down and try to pick who I would support if I were given the choices the Democrats currently face. 

One additional reason I am writing this is because far too often you get people who make statements saying that ANY Democrat or ANY Republican is better then any choice on the other side.  I've spoken to Hillary supporters and other candidates supporters who when asked why they dislike the republican candidates, or for that matter why they like their own choice in candidates and they are unable to answer.  If you can't explain why you are supporting who you are supporting then maybe you need to look further.  If you truly don't know beyond the "Bush sucks" or "Hillary Sucks" hype what it is you don't like about the other side, again you need to read up a little.  You may actually find you agree with the other side or you may find real reasons to dislike them so you can at least vote smartly.  That is why I'm writing this honest view of each candidate for the other side from where I stand and I can tell you from looking into the choices on the other side I even more strongly support Ron Paul for his 100% constitutional views because in the case of a couple candidates I really had to struggle to find any positives at all (where as with Ron I have to struggle to find things I disagree with him on).

I'm starting with Bill Richardson only because he is my wife's top choice.  I will follow the format of candidate's name, followed by brief comments if I have any then a list of positives and negatives about each candidate.  The sources for my comments can be found attached if you wish to read further on an of the candidates for yourself.

Bill Richardson - As I said he is my wife's top choice. He is also the Democrat I'd most likely pick given the choices they have before them.
Positives: He wants to pick up where Newt left off and amend the Constitution to require the federal government to balance the budget and become more fiscally responsible. Has strong stance on crime including supporting the death penalty. Endorsed by NRA and has his own conceal permit. Supports cutting Income Tax and capital gains taxes. Supports the federal Defense of Marriage act.
Negatives: Supports the waste of federal funds known as the "War on Drugs". Flip flopped on vouchers, he supported school choice in 1996 but came out against them in 2002. Supports "international cooperation", i.e. UN world leadership.

Joe Biden -
Positives: Supported partial birth abortion ban and opposes federal funding of abortions. Supports the balanced budget amendment.
Negatives: Supports federal smoking bans. Voted no on school vouchers. Rated 16% by the Christian Coalition showing an anti family voting record.

Dennis Kucinich - Dennis has to be the most honest of the Democratic candidates, however his honesty is also what makes him an embarrassment to the rest of the party.
Positives: He's very honest. Supports legalization of marijuana and understands the War on Drugs is not benefiting anyone but the prison system.
Negatives: Wants to lower voting age to 16. Voted F by NRA for anti gun votes. Wants to promote Spanish as the second national language.

Barack Obama - Quite honestly I can't see why Democrats are as excited about Obama as they are. He's a junior senator with no real experience.
Positives: Supports increasing inspection of cargo coming into this country (we currently inspect only 3%). Supports stronger boarder control and a boarder wall.
Negatives: Voted against rating programs for effectiveness and cutting ineffective programs to help pay down national debt. Voted no to reduce spending by $40 billion. Supports racist policies (Policies that take race into account when giving jobs, entrance to school etc). Supports sex education in kindergarten. Very anti 2nd amendment. While he does support a wall on the boarder and boarder control stopping people from coming here illegally, he wants to make it easier to come here legally. Supports strengthening unions.

Christopher Dodd-
Positives: Supports legalization of marijuana. Supports discussing faith in the public sector.
Negatives: Voted against rating programs for effectiveness and cutting ineffective programs to help pay down national debt. Voted no on balanced budget amendment. Opposes school choice (voted no on vouchers). Voted 0% by Christian Collation showing a 100% anti family voting record.  Rated only 15% by the National Taxpayers Union indicating a very big spender record.

John Edwards -
Positives: Supports ending no bid contracts.  Supports holding attorneys liable for frivolous lawsuits.
Negatives: 0% rating by Christian Collation showing anti family voting record.  Supports UN lead peace keeping force.  Anti 2nd amendment voting record.  Wants to give illegal immigrants the same rights as legal American Citizens.  Has a 100% pro union voting record.  Rated only 22% by National Tax Payers union, indicating big spender voting record.  Pays $400 for his hair cuts.

Hillary Clinton - I saved Hillary for last because there is so much that can be said about her.  I could write an entire column solely about her and still have more to say.  Polls across America show more people dislike her then like her.  In fact repptide, a site that tracks opinions of people shows her with a score of only 29.2% at the time of my writing this article.  That's the lowest of any of the Democratic nominees.  She's even the candidate the most Americans would want to see put into a blender on Joe Cartoon.  She has unanswered question regarding her role in how the Rose Law firm documents mysteriously appeared in her private study with her finger prints all over them.  Yet Democrats look past all of this and see her as their top choice, I'm still wondering why.
Positives: Supports keeping the Cuban Embargo.  Supports 3 strikes laws.
Negatives: Opposes vouchers.  Flip flopped on supporting drivers licenses for illegals.  Rated 21% by the National Taxpayers Union showing a very big spender voting record.  Tons of legal scandals that she has yet to answer to.  Very pro union (85% pro union voting record by AFL-CIO).   0% by Christian Collation showing an anti family voting record. Claims to support public schools yet choose a private school for Chelsea in DC.

Over all I would have to agree with my wife that Richardson is the best choice on the Democratic ticket.   Even though I have already done my homework on the republican side and found Ron Paul the overwhelmingly best choice I will also try to write up a similar article with my views on all those running on the Republican ticket.