What I'm Thankful For

My kids are part of learning about Thanksgiving both compiled short lists of things they are thankful for.

My daughter (Age 4) was thankful for macaroni and hugs.  My son (age 5) was thankful for action figures and his family.

Based on this I thought it would be fun to compile a top ten list (not in any order) of things I'm thankful for.  Feel free to comment with your own.

1) The US Constitution - Without this we would live in even more oppression then we already do.

2) Ron Paul - He gives me hope that all is not lost with our political system and that we can get back to the Constitutional limited government that our founding fathers envisioned.

3) Women - Self explanatory considering I'm a straight male.

4) Chevy's facility in Bowling Green Kentucky - This is the location they build the best US made sports car... the Corvette.

5) The NH Liberty Alliance - They help identify those who have our Constitutional interests at hart and help see past party lines.

6) The Free State Project - I'm thankful that they've picked my home state of NH as their target state to make the stand for freedom and liberty.

7) The US Armed Forces - These brave men and women willingly put their lives in danger in hopes that the rest of us wont have to ever face that danger.

8) Police - Like the military, these men and women put their lives at risk taking down those who seek to cause the rest of us harm.

9) Fire Fighters - Also like the police and military these brave men and women put their lives at risk to help protect us.

10) Flag Hill Winery in Lee, NH - They have crafted the final touch to what I hope to be a perfect thanksgiving dinner.

And in this case I would like to add a number 11 to this list...

11) You, my readers - Even if you don't agree with me I am thankful for those of you who read and comment allowing me a source for my political views.

Happy Thanksgiving!