Hillary Goes for the Hair Salon Vote

This morning I saw a story on Good Morning America that left me shaking my head wondering how any woman alive could look at Hillary and watch how she campaign to win their vote and not be offended.

The story on Good Morning America discussed how she has been sending photographs of her hairstyles over the years to salons in order to get women talking about her. She has also been showing slide shows of her different hairstyles to women's groups when meeting with them.

How stupid does she think women are?  Does she think they will just forget about issues and vote for her because she sits when she pees?  She's out right offensive and her campaign is setting the woman's movement back by years.

The American public is looking for LEADERS, not someone showing off their hairstyles over the years.  The American public wants substance.  Unfortunately though David Hannum was right, there is a sucker born every minute (He said it about PT Barnum) and women listening to Hillary will walk away fooled into believing they actually heard something of substance.  They'll feel good about her because they identify as a women with her hair style changes so they'll ipso facto feel good about her as a whole.  But in reality they will walk away knowing nothing about her true stance on policies or anything about her true views.

Ladies, prove to the rest of us you are brighter then this.  Don't let give up the vote without demanding substance of your choice in candidate.