Top Ten Ideal New Laws

We've all heard the old saying "there ought to be a law" before. Based on that I thought it would be fun to try to come up with a top 10 list of ideal new laws from a small government conservative or libertarian point of view.

1) Politicians and government employees cannot have their names displayed on plaques dedicating new buildings or have any public own things named after them without a vote of the people.
The reason behind this is obvious, too many politicians seek to immortalize themselves by having their names put up in a building as the ones responsible for having it built. Take away the self promotion factor and it may help to drive more honesty in regards of when public buildings are actually needed.

2) Increase the speed limits to realistic levels.
Reason behind this is obvious. Try actually driving the speed limit as posted sometime and you'll clearly see why the posted speed limit is ridiculous.

3) Property values freeze for tax purposes after 10 or 20 years.
This solves the issue we see with many elderly folks being taxes out of their homes. When they purchased homes the values were a tenth of what they are now, as were their incomes. McMansions being build all around them drive up the values of their own homes as well. This would also stop punishing those who upkeep their homes. Someone who takes care of their home and improves it is penalized by higher taxes due to a higher home value where as the person who lets their house rot and fall apart sees a lower evaluation over time of their home.

4) Allow medical expenses for life threatening illnesses to be 100% tax deductible.
I have to credit Ron Paul with this idea as it is based on his theory that we should not take social security taxes from those suffering life threatening illnesses as chances are they need the money then to help pay for the cost of fighting that illness and chances are if they don't get better they wont need social security anyway.

5) Legalize drugs.
I credit Matt Simon for this idea and I'm sure he can site countless reasons to back it up. My view is there is nothing in the Constitution giving the government the power to outlaw substances unless you twist the meaning of "to regulate commerce" as granted to them in Article I Section 8.  Also, "drugs" should not just be thought of as things people use to get high.  There are medicinal drugs which could save people's lives which we do not allow in this country because they have not been "FDA approved" even though other nations allow people to use these same drugs to treat their illnesses.

6) Legalize victimless crimes.
Gambling, Prostitution etc harm only the willing. It isn't the government job to act as parents and to try to protect us from ourselves.

7) Get the NH government out of the alcohol business.
It should not be the job of the state government to sell bottles of Jack Daniels.

8) Hand over the running of the education system to the free market.
Note: I did not say stop paying for education, only to get the government out of running the schools. One size fits all schools do not work and I can think of no better way to improve education then by opening up the market and allowing parents the choice of where to send their kids.

9) Balanced budget amendment/ cap on tax increase.
Theory behind this one is fairly simply, the government should not be allowed to spend more then it takes in and like a child with an allowance, they should not be able to just take more simply because they want more.

10)  Give people the power to override the government.
How many times have you seen laws passed that upset the majority of the people?  Taking away parents rights to have any say or even knowledge of their children getting abortions comes quickly to mind.  Yet even when 80% of the people disagree with the actions of the government until the next election cycle we are unable to do anything about it.  The government should be of the people, should it not?  So in cases like these give the people the power to petition and force the government into changing it's actions to be that of what the people want.

Democrats have complained in the past that the NH Liberty Alliance rates them poorly, well they have all the power and by pushing pro freedom laws that THEY favor, they have a chance to turn the rating system to benefit them.  Instead after their first year of control we've seen them taking away freedoms and putting more and more government in play.  I hope they take at least ONE item from this list or come up with some pro freedom ideas of their own.