What has Carol Shea Porter Acomplished?

A question has come up on a number of forums, including the discussion forum here on NH Insider asking what has Carol Shea Porter has accomplished.  This same question has spilled over to several other smaller scale discussion forums.  It was the Merrimack Forum however that a list of all bills Carol has sponsored and co-sponsored was put up.  She's only sponsored 10 bills but there are several that she co-sponsored. As a chance to pat Carol on the back and bring attention to where all her hard work and our tax dollars that pay her salary are going I would like to share with everyone a list of a couple of the bills she has either put up or co-sponsored.

 1) Supporting the goals and ideals of National Women's Friendship Day.

2) Supporting the goals and ideals highlighted through National Volunteer Week.

3) Supporting the goals and ideals of Professional Social Work Month and World Social Work Day.

4) Supporting the goals and ideas of a National Child Care Worthy Wage Day.

5) Supporting the goals and ideals of Mental Health Month, and for other purposes.

6) Expressing the sense of the Congress that a commemorative postage stamp should be issued to honor our Nation's disabled veterans.

7) Recognizing and honoring York for his role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

8) Supporting the goals and ideals of Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month.

9) Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that a postage stamp should be issued in commemoration of Diwali, a festival celebrated by people of Indian origin.

10) A resolution expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the Government of Japan should formally acknowledge, apologize, and accept historical responsibility in a clear and unequivocal manner for its Imperial Armed Forces' coercion of young women into sexual slavery, known to the world as "comfort women", during its colonial and wartime occupation of Asia and the Pacific Islands from the 1930s through the duration of World War II.

Holding Japan accountable for it's actions in the 1930's? Recognizing York for his role in the Lewis and Clark expedition? Clearly our federal government is making full use of it's time and duties and Carol is taking her part in doing so!!!  And as for disabled veteran, my grandfather was one having lost his arm fighting for this country... if you want to do something for men like him a postage stamp isn't it, but alas this could be a full topic in and of itself.

All sarcasm aside, the important thing to look at isn't what bills she put up as I wouldn't mind a rep up put up nothing as long as they vote soundly.  So it is voting records which you can find on www.vote-smart.org that should be considered as true accomplishments.  And what really jumped out at me as Carols real accomplishment was the sea of Yeah's next to nearly every single spending bill listed under "Budget, Spending, and Taxes".  And what's even more telling is after running using the issue of party voting as a key point in getting elected (It is time we elect a Congressional member who will work for the people of NH, and not be a rubber stamp for any administration. - quote taken directly from Carol's own website) is that she has proven herself a hypocrite guilty of the exact same fault she asked us to vote out in 2006.   Here's a fun little trivia question for you, can you name the bill Carol voted for where her viewed differed from Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party?  I'm still trying to find that one myself, maybe I'll devote an article to it once I find out what that bill was.

So to answer all those who continually ask what has Carol accomplished it's quite simple... higher taxes, wasted time in the house and a rubber stamp voting record to the Democratic Party.