T'was The War On Christmas

T'was the was on Christmas and liberals rejoiced with zest

Santa was declared too pudgy in his bright red vest.

He's bad for the children the Surgeon General did shout

He's a bad example for kids and his waist is too stout.

So put down that cookie and see where your at

This year Santa's milk will need to be low fat

What's next I wondered as the paper I read

Will there be a campaign against the festive color red?

Or is it bad to tell children that reindeer can fly

because it will encourage wild imagination and teach them to lie?

Will there be anti Christmas legislation and laws

soon seeking to ban Saint Nick aka Santa Clause?

If I say Merry Christmas will it bring dirty looks?

Are they striving to wipe the holiday from the books? 

So I say this to you all while I still might

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!