My Take on the Republican Race

I've already written a piece on the Democratic ticket and time is running out so here is my analysis of the Republican race.  Keep in mind that I've already picked a candidate in this race as I found that Ron Paul is the best choice.  However I will try to write this article as fair and balanced as I can giving the positives and negatives as I see them for each choice in the race.

Sam Brownback -
Positives - 100% pro life voting record.  Supports the balanced budget amendment.  Supports school choice.  100% pro family voting record.  100% pro military voting record.
Negatives - Voted yes to loosen restrictions on wiretapping of cell phones.  Only supports death penalty for "Bin Laden" level criminals.  0% rating by the ARA showing an anti-senior voting record.

Rudy Giuliani -
Positives - Supports school choice.  Supports cutting taxes.
Negatives -Has a very pro abortion view.  Supported partial birth abortion and opposed parental notification.  Supports gun control.  NY city welcomed illegals.

Mike Huckabee -
Positives - Pro death penalty.  Understands what is good for schools and what is good for students are not one in the same.  Demands accountability from Pakistan after we've pumped in$10 Billion into their country in helping track Bin Laden.  Says no to the NAFTA super highway from Canada to Mexico.  Pro 2nd amendment and understands that it is about rights, not hunting.
Negatives - His anti homosexual and anti AIDs views are outdated to say the least.  Wants to toss more money into the failing "War on Drugs".  AR supported scholarships for illegals.

Duncan Hunter -
Positives - Has a 100% pro life stance.  Has a 100% pro family voting record.  Rated A+ be the NRA for his pro 2nd amendment views.  Rated 11% be SANE showing a pro military voting record.  Rated 100% by FAIR showing a strong restriction on Immigration voting record.  Has a son in the marines who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Negatives - Only received 58% record by the National Taxpayers Union showing he's moderate when it comes to government spending.

John McCain
Positives - Voted 0% by NARAL indicating a pro life voting record.  Rated 72% by NTU showing a slightly better spending voting record then most (still not great though).  Has a mixed record but mostly pro 2nd amendment.  Proven record of voting to reduce the size and scope of federal government.
Negatives - Supported the Teddy Kennedy idea of amnesty for illegals.

Mitt Romney
Positives - Supports death penalty.  Supports balanced budget amendment. 
Negatives - Flip flopped on abortion views.  Supports ban of assault weapons.  Supports FBI wiretapping.  Despite his claim of strong views against illegal immigration, he took no actions while Gov in MA's 3 strongest sanctuary cities.  Did not raise MA taxes but he did raise fees.

Fred Thompson
Positives - Voted yes on balanced budget amendment.  Supports school choice.  Tough on border security.
Negatives - Lobbied for Planned Parenthood but voted against them.  Voted no to ban more types of Congressional gifts.  Supports the idea of a pre-emptive strike on Iran if they get close to obtaining nuclear weapons.

Ron Paul -
Positives - Has a pro life voting record.  Never voted for an unbalanced budget.  Supports a balanced budget amendment.  Voted 100% by FAIR showing his record is strong against illegal immigration.  89% rating by the NTU earning the rating "Taxpayers Friend".  Pledged (and so far has upheld it in his record) that he would never vote for a tax increase.  Rated A by the NRA showing a pro 2nd amendment voting record.  Understands that the best way to support the troops is to not put them in danger unneededly.  Supports school choice.  Understands that big oil PROFIT is ok, but SUBSIDIES are not.  Voted A by VOTE-HEMP showing a pro hemp voting record.  Never once voted to spend Social Security money.
Negatives - Opposes death penalty.


Over all Ron Paul stands out as the far best choice.  I would have to say Rudy is by far the worst choice of the Republicans running.   Mitt I was actually a little surprised in that I found far more negative about him then I suspected I would.  Anyway you look at it though, I hope in a couple days time when NH citizens get out to vote in the primary they take the time to vote informed and not just for the person they think has the best chance at beating Hillary.  Vote for the best and winning will come naturally.