Why are there so many political comics?

Recently as I was dropping my kids off at school I picked up one of those free newspapers you see near the doors of some businesses,  the front page advertised an article about political comics coming out in full force.  This left me wondering why there are so many political comics. 

Think about it... Lewis Black, Dennis Miller, Al Franken, Dennis Kucinich.  They are all funny men who make good livings by spoofing politics.  Then it occurred to me why this is.  It's because it's so easy to do.  That's why you see sites like Jib Jab and Joe Cartoon picking politics as their fodder.  All you need to do is sit at listen to what most politicians actually say (something sadly not many Americans actually do).

Let's stop and take a look at a real life example showing why its so easy to pick on politicians. We can site examples of Bush stammering for the right words, or I can show the video of him struggling with a locked door which has been aired a million times (funny you don't see democrat videos shown that often on national TV).  Or there's a video of a row of American flags falling on Hillary.  There's a slightly funnier level of humor when you listen to Dennis Kucinich talking about seeing a UFO.  Instead though, since NH Insider has a slightly higher caliber readership then what you would typically find sitting home watching three stooges reruns I will give an example of a slightly more thinking persons example of true political humor.

We continue to hear Democrats attack Republicans for their supporting of torture.  We even have political activists who stand out on streets here in NH with signs attacking Republicans for their pro torture views.  On September 27th, 2007 during the democratic debate Hillary was given a pro terror quote and asked her comment on it.  If you were to only read the signs being held out on street corners and listen to Air America you would think she could have used this as a chance to hit a home run in the debate.  She of course did what most would expect of her and went on and on about how evil torture is and of course used it as an opportunity to take a backhanded slap on Bush and Republicans.  She was then told the quote came from her husband, Democratic candidate Bill Clinton.  The look on her face alone is priceless.  You can see the video here.  You just can't make up humor like that.