Hillary Clinton and the Media

Why is it that the media has such a short memory when it comes to Democrats, yet an unlimited memory when it comes to Republicans? 

I ask this question because of what I’ve read regarding the coverage of Hillary Clinton's weekend visit to NH.  

The Today Show claims she was hit with the tough questions such as why she (like nearly everyone else at the time) supported the Iraq war.  That was the tough question?  The Union Leader claims she was "grilled" (seven paragraphs in) with questions about the war.  The Telegraph reported that she was asked the question others were too polite to ask about how she’d deal with Karl Rove. 

Ok, interesting questions and all, but are they kidding about her being grilled or asked tough questions? 

How about asking why anyone should trust the wife of the very first president to be impeached for his criminal activities (if you think it was about sex then you really need to read up a little more)? 

How about asking her how her fingerprints got all over the Rose Law Firm billing records? 

For that matter how about asking how the documents just appeared in her book room on the third floor of the White House?  Possession of these papers would have been a felony — yet no questions were asked! 


Or how about the $100,000 she claims to have made trading on futures, which most suspect was a bribe from Tyson Foods Inc? 

Or how about asking her about the Castle Grande land flip con which bilked many elderly people out of their life savings? 

The office of president is the highest in the country.  Make sure the REAL tough questions are asked of all our candidates, regardless of whether they are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green or other!