Constitutional Threat?

Our 6th Amendment allows us “to be informed of the nature and cause  of the accusation” any time criminal charges are brought against us.  I wonder if New Hampshire State Representative Stephen Shurtleff  knows of this Amendment? He has submitted a bill (HB 214) that seeks  to take away this right. He would like to repeal the NH law that  allows for discovery during criminal procedures (RSA 604:1-a).

When I read things like this I ask myself two questions:

How does someone who rates an 'F'  from The NH Liberty Alliance, who  opposes liberty and seeks  to take away our rights, continue to get  elected? I know there are Democrats who are against everything this  country stands for but I had hoped they were in the minority. Others  seem to vote against the party in power without look at what they are  voting for on the other side. And others simply cherrypick a single  issue. In any case they end up supporting someone like Stephen  Shurtleff who it seems doesn't mind filing a bill that, if passed,  would eliminate our Constitutional rights.

The second question I have is WHY? Why would someone submit such an  anti-Constitutional bill? Is it that he never actually took the time  to READ our Constitution and doesn’t understand the right of the  accused to know of what they are being charged and what evidence will  be used and that this right is a Constitutional freedom in this  country? Or as his record shows, is he actually a threat to our  Constitution?

Regardless of how he was elected or why he seeks to put forth this  type of bill, it is clear that the people of NH need to become more  educated about those in office and make sure that people like this do  NOT get re-elected.  Stephen Shurtleff is not doing well by the  people of NH.