Give me Oreos or Give me Death! (even if it kills me)

Reps. Paul McEachern and Jim Splaine of Portsmouth think they know better then you what is best for you. It is for that reason they seek to push New Hampshire from being the 'Living Free' state and closer to the 'nanny' state.  They have put up HB 324, which went before committee this past Tuesday.   This bill is similar to the law already passed in NY City to ban trans fat. Ironically NY passed the bill on the anniversary of the repeal of prohibition.

The bill states, “ For the purpose of this paragraph, the use of artificial trans fats in any food prepared for sale or service on the premises or elsewhere, by any food service establishment or retail food store licensed under this chapter shall constitute an immediate endangerment of public health and safety.” Immediate endangerment of public health and safety? Are they kidding here? Back off folks I have an Oreo Double Stuff and I know how to use it!

The biggest thing to consider here isn’t even the latest fad diet such as trans fat avoidance, which our state reps feel they should set for us, but about portion control. Does TGI Friday give us the recommended FDA approved portion sizes or do they give us what the consumer will perceive as a good value? Will portion size be the next state law?

If you actually take time to research trans fat instead of run around in a panic as those who rule based on emotion rather then reality already are you will find information ( ) stating “ trans fats have been a part of the American diet since the early 1900s and they are hardly toxic.” And “Emerging science indicates that trans fats contain a compound called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has demonstrated beneficial health effects, including fighting cancer, enhancing immunity, and decreasing artery-clogging plaque .” But alas some state reps feel these fats are an “immediate endangerment” and they know what’s best for us. They would sooner we live in a nanny state then have free will and independence. I’m sorry but I see these continued steps telling me what’s best for me and telling me how I should live my life making my choices for me as nothing short of slavery.

So to quote the immortal words of Patrick Henry “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”