The will of the people?

Tuesday March 13th the Merrimack taxpayers took another big hit in the wallet went the small group of roughly 300 at the town deliberative session choose to add a little over $260,000 to the bottom line of the town budget.  At least this week as compared to last week when those at the school deliberative session just blindly tossed money at the school district, the town side at least took the time to debate each position or section of the budget.  The problem however is that it left the voters with no real choice.

In both cases the bottom line of the budget was increased closer to the default number.  This leaves the voters a choice of a budget, which is now a couple hundred thousand higher in both cases then the elected boards put out or a default budget that is even higher still.  The town council made it clear that even though individual line items were discussed it would be left up to them as to where if anywhere the money would be spent.  A couple people argued that the council listen to the “will of the people”, but how exactly do the couple thousand people who show up to vote express their will?  By voting for the budget?  Nope, that justifies the additions in the minds of the tax and spenders.  How about voting for the defaults?  Well now you’ve just sent the message to the tax and spenders that you supported the HIGHER of the two budgets.

Ideally people should have attended the deliberative sessions so to have their voices heard, but time and time again people don’t.  Sadly, many don’t see the need to show up because they agree with what their elected boards have done and see no need to show up and seek any changes.  The problem is those who wish to get their hands into your wallets DO show up.  They are the ones who go down to town hall at the last minute and put their names down for uncontested elections or just keep running time and time again hoping turn out is low so their supporters can get them in.  They are the ones who work the systems and make sure their voices are heard.  They are the ones who continue to push for more and more be taken from your wallets because they are the ones who take advantage of every single service government supplies.  If the rest of us don’t get up and shout that we’re not going to take it any longer they will continue to take advantage of us seeking to strip as much money as they can from us for the things they want.