The Buckley case

The Union Leader ran a story last night claiming Raymond Buckley, the democratic state rep accused of having child porn was exonerated as there was no evidence found. Steve Vaillancourt lead the charge against Buckley claiming his guilt which was not proven.

Regardless of how you think this was handled, whether or not you think it’s still true (after all let’s remember OJ was found not guilty in a court of law) the fact of the matter is that the state found no evidence against Buckley.

This leaves me looking to Vailancourt. Any time you lead a charge regarding something this major and this public you need to make sure you can back up what you are saying. Clearly Vailancourt couldn’t. This now puts Vailancourt on trial in the court of public opinion. Can he be trusted any longer? What if anything should happen to him?

I’ve seen people in Vailancourt’s shoes and it isn’t going to be pretty. In an organization I’m affiliated with one of our members accused the secretary of several wrong doings. Despite some circumstantial evidence nothing could be proved. The member who made the accusations was looked at going forward as the villain and was for the most part made into an outcast from the organization. No one took him seriously after that. Now a couple years later further allegations surfaced against the secretary and a new president started compiling all the evidence he could find and this time the case was proven. And as a result, the first member who stood for years with egg on his face is now looking like the good guy for first trying to blow the whistle.

Now I’m not saying Vailancourt is right or wrong for that matter, only he and Buckley clearly know the truth. But at this point in history Buckley looks like the one in the right and Vailancourt in the wrong so it will be interesting now that the tables have turned how things will be handled from both sides.