Don Imus vs Free Speech

By now I’m sure you’ve all ready the controversy regarding Imus and his "nappy haired ho" comment. And I’m sure most of you have seen or heard his apology on the race baiter Al Sharpton’s radio show for which he’s being equally attacked for using the term “you people”. So the question now is what should be done?

My biggest fear is that like the super bowl controversy from a few years ago our government will over step it’s bounds and completely ignore the 1st amendment and stick it’s nose into something it shouldn’t,

Ultimately it’s up to NBC and Infinite broadcasting as far as what punishment is suitable for Imus but I would hope they let the market decide. Now I’ll disclose that I don’t like Imus in the least and my wife, who has worked with him on charity events, said he’s even worse in person but at least he means well in trying to help others even if he is a complete jerk. I’ll also go so far as to say I find his show unlistenable. But all that said, if his fans enjoy his show and the company employing him sees it profitable enough to keep him on the air then more power too him.

If the ratings are there then does it really matter if he offense or upsets the rest of us? I say no. We have no right to not be offended in this country. Instead we continue to see people pushing to ban him or have him taken off the air. If you really can’t stand him then do what I do and turn him off and if he says something that you hear about after words you find offensive, why give him more credibility by even wasting time discussing it? But no, that’s not what people in this country want… they seek to ban and remove those things they dislike. How long before we start with the book burnings over writings we may find offensive? People need to just move on and get over it.  What do you think?