Ten Billion Dollars!

Ten BILLION dollars! Say it with me slow, TEN BILLION DOLLARS.

That’s nearly $7500 from every single person living in this state (based on an estimate of 1.3 million people).

Based on the best data I could find on the web, the average state income is around $57,000.

So what do these facts mean? It means that the state is spending nearly 13% of what the people in this state make! Folks, how long before we say enough is enough? How much before even the most avid tax and spender says ok I think we’ve bled the population about as much as we can.

Since apparently many in our state think 13% isn’t too high on top of what is taken by the federal and town governments, how much is? 15%? 20%? 50%? I’m sure there are those who want 100% of our income to go to the state then they can control every single aspect of our lives. They already want to make sure we eat the right way and regulate that we live our lives in ways they consider safe, so why stop there? Let’s go for a total nanny state.

When anyone sits down and looks at the raw numbers I don’t see how this can be viewed as anything besides a hard slap in the face. I would love to hear from any of the state reps who are pushing for more spending on how you can feel spending at a rate of nearly 13% of what the people in this state make can be justified to any degree.