The TRUE Face of Racism

We continue to hear the drum of racism chant in regards to Imus but I’d like to share with you all the story of TRUE racism. One all the racial pimps are silent on because it is racism against three well off white men.

Back in March 2006, a 28 year old back woman working for an exotic escort service reported to police she had been raped by the three young Duke students. Ignoring lack of any DNA evidence and ignoring the fact that this woman, who had a questionable past herself continued to give conflicting differing stories, rouge prosecutor Mike Nifong jumped all over the case. He used the white on black crime as material for furthering his career by using it during his election campaign. He did this knowing full well how not only questionable the case was but how very likely it was that this woman wasn’t telling the truth.

April 2007 the case was finally dropped by the attorney general Roy Cooper who stated that there was “no credible evidence” against these three men and in a rare display for a legalize he actually referred to them as “innocent”.

Now unlike the Imus case were a group of girls had their feelings hurt by an old geezer in a cowboy hat, we had three men who have had their lives ruined. Had it not been for the fact their families were wealthy enough to afford the tens if not hundreds of thousands in legal fees they would most likely be sitting in a prison right now. They lost a year of their lives having to fight charges, which were unfounded. They’ve suffered true damage.

And WHY did they suffer this damage? Because of racism! Nifong seeing rich white men as the bad guys and the poor black woman as the victim used racism to try to get ahead in his career. He milked it like many other race pimps in this country. But is there an outcry over this case? No. You see no politicians calling for Mr. Nifong to lose his job. You see no protesting. Just silence.

Protesting over hurt feelings because the "victims" were black and silence when it turns out victims who suffered real hard were white... it is because of this hypocrasy that true racism is allowed to exist and flourish in this country.