It Aint broke, Democrats fix it anyway!

The Concord Monitor ran an interesting article this past weekend regarding how quickly Democrats are moving to try to change everything there is about this state. My question is why if states like MA have it so right that we are pushing for the same laws they have, are they losing their population while NH continues to grow and thrive? And why since NH is growing and thriving are NH Democrats seeking to change it?

Do democrats really think that the votes in ’06 were anything more then votes against Bush and his failing Iraq policy? Do they really think that suddenly the state of NH after over 100 years of following a live free or die mentality that they suddenly want state sponsored abortions on demand for their kids (without their even knowing about it), private business owners to be told by the state how to run their own businesses, new taxes being put on everything from candy on up and being told how to live for our own good?

 We have people continually moving to NH to get away from higher taxes and more government, so why change the very thing about this state that continues bringing people here?  And what's the most telling is that many of the same Democrats who attack the free state group for moving here, are doing exactly what they said they feared the free staters would do.  They are seeking to change everything.