Flood Victim Clean up - Your help is needed!!!!!!!!

I know I posted this information once already but I want to remind everyone that this Saturday, April 28th is a volunteer clean up for the flood victims of Merrimack, NH.  Volunteers will meet at the old Shaw’s plaza on Route 3 at 9 a.m. Wear old clothes, boots and gloves. Volunteers should be at least 16. Call Pat Murphy at 424-4354 for more information.

While financial donations are helpful (information below) many of the homes needing help have been submerged right up to the tops of their first floors.  Insulation in the walls has collected the water and now with the warming weather is becoming moldy and will soon present a health risk.  People are needed to rip down the walls and haul the insulation out to dumpsters.

In one case the homeowners house last year was knocked off its foundation and needed to be torn down, they moved back in to the new house just about a month ago only to now have the new house flooded out again.  After being told last years flood was a once in a 100 year thing who would have guessed it to happen again only 11 months later?

It’s devastating to see first had what kind of damage water can actually do.  Kids swing sets have been picked up and tossed onto their sides, all electronics destroyed, wooden furniture swelled up so drawers and doors do not open and shut any longer, windows smashed, wood doors swelled to the point of no longer being functional.  And cleaning up so they can begin again is where they need the most help.

Even if you can only show up for an hour or two every effort counts so please make it!

If you are physically unable to help out but would still like to make a donation here is the information once again:

You can donate through the Red Cross by calling 1-800-HELP-USA, please make sure to specify that you are donating for NH flooding victims though or the donation will go into their general funds and may not make it to local communities.

The town of Merrimack has set up a flood relief fund which you can send checks to:

Town of Merrimack
Attn: Flood Relief
PO Box 940
Merrimack, NH 03054
Checks should be made payable to: Merrimack Flood Relief

You can also call 603/424-2331 for further information regarding what you can do to help.

 For those who can show up, I'll see you all there!